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DAX's Vapor Thread


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Whats going on Eclipse!

Been away for quite a while. For those of you who aren't really in my loop, I'm on an overseas assignment for a year. It is quite common in the military to smoke, dip, and a chew or whatever you may have it, I myself smoked for a few years and decided to try out "Vaping", when a buddy of mine handed me this little robot dick looking thing and said suck on this…...(pause for a moment then come back...). Anyway to my suprise it was absolutly delicious. He had some "Apple Pie" flavor liquid in it and to my suprise actually tasted like apple pie. I also learned that you can get these E-Juices with or without nicotine. Ill save the story for a small review video i'm making.Anyway I'm going use this thread for vapors to just share some good jucies you would recommend, mods/pens, or tutorials on how to do coils and such. Here is my current setup:
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Yea, but i want to use this to share information. Like honestly, id like to see your setup, and or a clip of your vapor, or some awsome flavors you found.
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Best flavour iv ever used was The Peoples Vape - Tundra, really nice cold vape, Has a kind of menthol effect to it but, I put it down to more of breathing in icey air when its winter. Hate mentol type and wasnt advertised as mentol but really nice either way.

out and about stuff:

Home stuff:

Old pictures, My old iTaste 134 next to my P3 (tanks were just to show, not used on these mods)

Used to love reviewing stuff and posting it in a blog, I took it down in Jan as just didn't have time to do it :(
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Damn….good stock of flavors. You only use AreoTanks? I cant tel if there's multiple ones in the back of the picture. Personally I like the KangerTech Protank. I just bought the newest one wich is called the "Kanger Potank 3". Its a bottom fed vape, adjustable airflow, and such a simple design. Plus the coils for it come in a pack of 5 for like $8.00 and there found on pretty much every vape store online.
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Na, i use the Aero Mega (i got this wrong on other post) at home and sometimes a sub tank, but when im out and about I use a sub tank/triton (when it works) or the stlantis V2\. I have / had loads of tanks, I try all the new tanks when I think there worth buying, But even the V2 hates 100% vg juice and end up dry hitting or not enough vape. Even using the same juice as i started it tends to be selective :(


I use the Mega mainly for the cheap heads ( a box for a few quid) and less amounts of vape but same nic hit. Its my really old but very reliable tank, I'v gone through 3 sub tank mini's since they came out and two normal sized pro tanks. They seam to break around the insulator at the bottom, Not sure if its slight juice leakage that ruins the insulator but they just get trashed. Want the V2 sub tank but no buying another tank until these break. I have at the moment

sub tank v1
atlantis v2
aero turbo
aero mega (the one that takes 2 atty heads)
sub tank mini v1
atlantis v1

and some other trash that I dont remember name/brand there just for show.


The picture of my flavours are my old ones, I went through every single flavour (not incl menthol/sweet types like gummy bears etc) on my online shop (all shops in my area stock the cheap chinese stuff, the small thin bottle on my bottles pic) I'm currently using

Njoy - Sacre Coeur,
Versus Vape - Annex,
Versus Vape - Dominion,

Which are terrible, which is strange, I've had both company's flavours before and the njoy samba was in my top 5 at one point, but these 3 taste like the cheap Chinese stuff. Not sure if its the high noise' I chose, but just terrible. Chosen to steep them and give them a shake every couple of days when iv replaced the air inside the bottle.
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Hahaha, Trust you Evan <3\. Using any sub tank I can fill my room like I used a humidifier. Actually made my missus ill with nic when I used high nic in sub and filled a small room whilst we were decorating. She gradually got worse and we didn't know why. Turns out she was getting nic' from my vape so hence why I'v toned it down with the inside vape production and use a really old but most reliable tank :D.
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I just ordered a few of these bottles. I have had this stuff before and its awsome. It's infused with melatonin so its puts you to sleep. However  just like similar sleep aids like NyQuil, or unisom if you fight the sleep you end up tripping major balls. [http://www.vaporbeast.com/high-voltage-lights-out.html](http://www.vaporbeast.com/high-voltage-lights-out.html)

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Never heard of them nor infused with Melatonin, Never had a good experience with the sleeping pills I was on after surgery. Would be scared to try it but think it would be fun to try haha. I would offer to swap some juices with you (unopened ofc) but we can both buy them online haha. I've seen someone making weed ejuice, but in my honest opinion it seemed like a total waste of weed. They put a huge back of weed in a pan of warm ejuice and gently warmed it. Will admit the juice got me high..but the amount of weed that went into the juice was crazy and IF I smoked pot then i'd rather of had the bag haha.

You americans make the best juices. Our british stuff is about as tasty as a bar of soap. Never found a decent flavour, that's why I moved to USA juices and havent looked back since.
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