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So im wondering, How do we make our own Client and server


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I remember asking in the past how to edit the credits. Most didnt like that.
So im wondering, How do we make our own Client to connect to a Server

Im thinking of learning code and when I search this question. Its like your crazy for asking it.

Thinking maybe cygwin server. maybe monogames coding and server coding. Something I can own. Everytime I use something. I get discouraged and close it 10mins into working on it and looking at the code. Because by the time I get my idea set. The game engine creator gave up.

My problem is ethier the program won't let me edit what I want or can't find a bare bones client and server code. I want to create and learn the code from the ground up so I can figure it all out. I thought start with a client that has new charcter/login/password change and credits. I found one but its probably not great and now its dead in the waters. Tried a few Playerworlds. I liked the old version with the web plugin to Xtremes worlds. Xtreme worlds screen was small or no map scrolling and didnt scale but I really loved it. Id of loved it more if it was open source. My problem is I dont own it so. I better learn code.

I have a mirage type of client and server now that I like but need to know the client and server part so i can learn how code works. Even if its a simple harvest moon type. thats a start for me.
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I'm not the best person to answer this, but I'll give some advice. Just note that I may not answer the question very well if at all.

If you're coding from scratch...
1) Choose a language (look into web sockets for client/server connecting)
2) Figure out if it will be easier for you to code pieces of the client or server first (I find it easier to code the server, then code the client)

And in general...
1) Keep server bloat down (don't process things that don't need to be processed)
2) Make the client do as much as it can (to keep server bloat down)
3) Send as few packets as you need to (eg. send packets when things change instead of constantly)

The server should really be doing as little as possible to do it's job and stay secure. Rely on the client to do things more than the server. I don't really care about the client, since computers nowadays can run simple clients just fine even if they are a bit bloated, but you should still optimize it as much as possible. Just don't let server performance decrease in order for client performance to increase.

Server performance should come before client performance.
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