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I'm taking over eclipse. Follow my instructions!


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Hello my name is Crest, to most, I am a tube of toothpaste. I thought you all should know I'm taking over eclipse. Yes, you read right. I have completely taken Marshy Dearest under my control. One night I knocked him out using a cloth of chloroform and dragged him to my secret evil lair WHICH IS NOT MY MOM'S BASEMENT!

I tricked him into a homosexual relationship with me and then we adopted a kid in his name. Now he owes me $1000 USD in child support by the end of the month. He has no other choice but to surrender eclipse and all its followers to me. BOW BEFORE ME!

So now I must take on my evil plan which I wrote on a small sheet of notebook paper.
1: kidnap Marshy Dearest
2: trick him into adopting an Indian child
3: make him pay much money in child support he can't afford
4: get into a marriage with him
5: divorce him and take half of everything he has.

And here are the rules to eclipse once I take over:
1\. All users who dare speak in the shoutbox must end every 5 shouts with "rub my belly and slap my booty"
2: everytime you post the first reply must have the ode to toothpaste in it which we are still composing.
3: Each night we must spam the inbox of crzy the hated the hated.
4: Well endowed Well endowed Spike must change his user name to spoons. because no one likes spoons but me and my giant wooden spoon.
5: My little pony threads will be banned unless posted by me
6: No questions shall be asked

The royal subjects(admins) that will be chosen are those who truly follow my leads.

Are there any questions to your impending fate?
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