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[EO] How to remove a NPC through code?

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Okay so I am simply needing to know how to remove an npc from the map editor properties through code. I have a summoning system in my engine but when a pet is summoned it sets the npc slot on the map properties to the petnpc. My idea is to remove the npc from the map properties after summoning a pet and just skipping the first slot for npcs on maps. Anyways, any and all ideas would be great. Thanks.
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When maps are loaded, the NPC's are loaded from the Map.NPC Array - eg: Map(MapNum).NPC(MapNpcNum) but they are stored in a temporary MapNpc(x) array. Meaning if you want it to be only a temporary change (until the NPC respawns), you'd only want to change the MapNpc(MapNum).Npc(MapNpcNum). If you wanted to permanently delete the NPC from the Map (so that it didn't appear in the Map Properties -> NPC listbox, then you'd change the Map(MapNum).NPC(MapNPCNum).

So for example; (these are server side functions)
MapNpc(MapNum).NPC(MapNpcNum) = 0
Map(MapNum).NPC(MapNpcNum) = 0
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Just create another index for pet and don't use NPC

- You don't have to mess with the NPC System

- It will loop the Pet System on ServerLoop which decrease CPS on Server, But if you manage to make it normal like what i did on my Real Action Pokemon Battle System, It would work fine
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