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Lost and 2D

Rob Janes

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**Lost and Two Dimensional**

On a typical winter's eve, you lay nestled in bed with your laptop,

catching up on the latest hit television series!

Your eyelids grow heavier with each blink…



You awake to a clatter of hooves. "A clatter of hooves?" you think to yourself. "It's not Christmas Eve yet."

Dazed and confused, you rise to gain your bearings.

"Where the hell am I?" gazing into the distance. "Are those?" you pause, bewildered, "pixelated trees?"

"I'm dreaming, only dreaming." you tell yourself.

"You aren't dreaming..." a soft womanly voice soothes your worries. "You're lost." she reaffirmed.

"And two dimensional." you reply. "Fuck."

**Christmas 2015 Early Beta Now Available!**


Visit us online, follow my development blog and community shoutbox!

**Download and get started!**

**Help wanted?** Got an interest in story design, quest dialogue, events, and more? I could always use a hand!
Good at mapping and dungeon design? I could also use a hand!

**Engine Features**
-Various playable window sizes at 10:4 and 16:9 resolution. (Full-Screen disabled due to performance issues at 4k resolution)
-4 Playable Classes (Warrior, Mage, Priest, Ranger)
-Large scale world with lots to discover
-Full dynamic day and night system with ambient lighting for street lights, lamps etc.
-Customizable characters + more fluid character animations (9 frame animations)
-Unique Boss Encounters (such as AoE bosses, bosses with mechanics like stuns, fears, heals etc)
-So much more!
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The performance issues are more related to the Maps not displaying properly at 4K resolution. Maps are generally 60x60\. When we do the math, that's 32*60 = 1920\. When I've ran the game in any full-screen resolution any higher than 1920x1080, the maps end up with the black border around them which I just find visually unappealing, thus I limited the size to 1600x900 and lower. Just my own personal preference more than anything.
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Just a few small updates tonight based on suggestions from BeNjO and Mohen!

Patch Notes:
+ Game Window now sizable by user to a Max of 1600x900
+ WASD movement is now enabled by default and players no longer move when typing
+ Chat channel tabs will now change color to alert of new messages in different tabs.
+ Player class glyph now renders next to their Level on the character UI element
+ You can now target yourself by clicking on your own character UI element
+ Resources now properly render in relation to the Player
+ A yellow pop-up bar will now appear when you level up!
+ Implimented increased packet spamming protection and engine alteration protection.
+ Resolved issue where equipping Armor was not removing it from Inventory.
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Seasons Greetings!

While I'm still working on this game quite frequently, you can read the following change notes:

Also, it is currently the festive season in Lost and 2D, you can now grab your Red and Green Jingle Tops from the Festive Vendor in Birchwood Village! Pants and Hats are forthcoming between now and Christmas!


Change Log:
1\. Players can now run (with full running animation) holding Shift to Run
2\. WASD movement enabled by default
3\. Melee unarmed combat now uses a separate punching animation (will likely get tweaked a bit to look better)
4\. A Solo and World Instance is now available (Birchwood Temple - Solo or Party Instance) and (WIntershire Mountain Mines - World Instance)
5\. Several more quests and maps available for play, pathways to other maps have been blocked off to preserve surprises!

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Quick Gameplay Video (excuse the poorer quality)


* * *


> Looking great Rob! I played for a little bit but couldn't see to get into the cave. I'm going to give it another go just as soon as I get some work done on my project.

If you're having an issue where you've already completed the "A Scholar's Knowledge" quest and you have the quest called "The Birchwood Temple" in your Quest Log, but the NPC is still blocking your path into the temple, let me know so I can fix the quest for you. (You likely turned it in while it was bugged)
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Looking good Rob!,

Good job on the video too, loving the updates keep up the good work. Never had any problems my self in game I'm just waiting for new areas :)

Been to the new cave, killed the wolf, killed the banits got all the gold, just can't find the guy who's head I need to lob off xD Googd work :)
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It's December 23rd!

That means 2 new pieces of Festive Gear 2015 are out! These are limited time, and the Festive Vendor will disappear January 2nd (2015 gear will no longer be available after that). Each piece of Festive 2015 Gear is 500 Coins!
Grab yours now!

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