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  1. I live in Kansas City (; …
  2. I made a nice Java GDK that could easily resemble some sort of eclipse. Does that mean the VB6 version is the mexican, the two C++ are the blondes and the Java is like a puerto rican and its all some weird forum orgy? .__.
  3. Means you're missing an end if to match one of your ifs. In this case the If missing an end if is, ``` if Npc(npcNum).Behaviour NPC_BEHAVIOUR_ ``` As well as an end if for the two if statements above it.
  4. Have you made it able to support custom UDTs or no? If you haven't it might be a nice idea to have the UDTs being converted processed as text files to accommodate for the extra members of the type.
  5. Make a new tile type. Then in processmovement or whatever add ``` if GetPlayerLevel(Index) < XLevelX then exit sub end if ```
  6. No you don't need to touch your maps unless you change the UDT which hopefully you won't be considering it has nothing to do with the screen size. Basically it'll expose more map though.
  7. ….. use spoilers. I beg of you.
  8. Nor do I. A simple [Event] tag and a place in the Source Tutorials Index would make it a fine fit.
  9. And you can't exactly share the same files considering one could be locked for editing at the moment the other server requests access.
  10. You're correct. Though to explain the render_graphics .. The game is drawn at an FPS (frames per second) rate. This is how many times the game is redrawn in a mere second, so if your drawing routine is only called outside of this constant loop, then you won't ever catch a glimpse of it. If you scroll through render_graphics you'll see things are rendered from the bottom up. Just find a nice place where you want this to be rendered and stick the drawing routine call in there. Voilà!
  11. Pirating software from the 80's …
  12. There is no way to do that without VB6.
  13. Rip the functionality of the combobox, which should just be setting something like newCharClass to whatever the listindex of that combobox is ( the selected item ) and then supply picture boxes instead, load the specific images for each class, and instead of a listindex from a combo box, depending on what picture is clicked, set the class accordingly. Also: Moved to Q&A
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