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  1. Did you mess with anything cause then this is the problem goodluck with your server btw.
  2. If you level too fast this will happen. It's a weird glitch. You are not allowed to gain more than 32637 or more EXP at once (or around that) it will break.
  3. Maybe the respawn point is off the map, you might have changed it by adcident or something. There has to be a fix for this. I'd find it if I wasn't on my itouch
  4. Can you still run around or do you just stand there trapped in a box. Make sure you are the owner, sometimes it resets my admin status (on my testing account) so you might need to reupgrade your status. (not sure could be just me) Make sure you save the map after making the changes. Welcome to Eclipse
  5. Maybe because (a guess) Damage is done first which kills the enemy, but then since there is no Npc anymore because it died, the anime is canceled because it thinks there is no monster. If you are using a player made source or you have edited any of your .dat files this might be the problem.
  6. If all else fails try redownloading… But only if everything else you try doesn't help.
  7. Maybe it's your Internet just wondering. Check out your modem and see if anythings wrong. But that sucks not being able to play if you find out how to fix it make a tut it would help other people.
  8. Ruins of Hell

    A few ?'s

    This info is in server and at the last tab. There's alot more. By the way, you can use the news.ini file to edit the news so your players know the controls to.
  9. Ruins of Hell

    Level cap

    It would give an error, you need to change experince.ini to corrspond if you go above 500\. But why would you need more than 500?
  10. A trojan or virus most likely, if it has that much empty space and freezes. But if it is only on Eclipse, it could be your computer
  11. Sorry, broke again…? Says the server is offline. I ran the application, I hope I get it working soon...
  12. I'm having the same problem. Run-time error 429\. Active X cannot create component :sad: . I do not have paperdoll on, have not messed with the images or anything. I've registered all possible things and downloads. There needs to be another fix. (I have windows XP if it matters.
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