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  1. people can mod their gui's too.
  2. emplay

    Vb question

    how do i write the code for the left mouse button in vb. for like when you click it. what is it called? LMBUTTON LEFTMOUSEBUTTON ?
  3. emplay

    Compile problem

    ~~sorry for the double post. But I edited the client source. and hit compile. It gave me an odd error so i thought i messed something up. I downloaded a fresh copy of eclipse and didnt edit anything and got the same errors upon compile. 1 http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/6982/capture1kf.jpg 2 http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/1540/capture2kc.jpg I dont know what they are. I just started eclipse again after taking a break for a while. Would it be due to the fact im using windows 7?~~ nvm i forgot to update vb when i installed it.
  4. emplay

    2 questions

    Okay. So, I'm going to do wasd movement. All I should have to do is go into modinput and change wherever it says GetAsyncKeyState(VK_LEFT)…right...up.. down to etAsyncKeyState(VK_W)...a...s...d correct? also im want to disable chat....completely. how would i go about doing that? thanks
  5. emplay


    Okay I've never done this before and I need help. I have a backup of my computer on a disk. operating system and all. I have another computer that has nothing on it. Hard drive is blank. Is it possible to put the disk in the blank one and have everything install on the blank hard drive?
  6. emplay


    ~~Okay, so I'm sure someone here can help me with this. -I'm trying to set up a Lan game for Fifa 09 -I don't wan't to use Hamachi because it messes with my other computers for some reason -I'm trying to do this on the same router. -When I connect both computers say the Ip is -I create a server on one computer and the other one can see it. -I goto join the server and the computers freeze and the game closes. Can anyone help?~~ fixed firewall was blocking
  7. emplay


    Ok, I've been looking for a while and can't seem to find what I need. Does anyone know where I can buy a hoodie from Munich University. I really want one and don't know where to get it.
  8. emplay


    under the cheek bone is fine that's a little gland that swells up sometimes they go away and sometimes they don't. I've never heard bout near the collar bone but I assume it should be fine.
  9. emplay


    Sounds tasty. I was going along the lines that it caused Germany and Italy to loose WWII the way the did because they didn't believe they could loose. If they were not Fascist they may have realized that they couldn't win and given up. And that would have been a change.
  10. emplay


    Does anyone think Fascism could be counted as an innovation that changed history?
  11. OH lord, this is 1 house 2 blocks away. http://www.familywatchdog.us/ViewOffenderDetails.asp?oID=FL68459&aID=211739067&at=1&sid={6572F3E7-A08C-47BD-89D7-729A6C2E81AD}?=29.0073374268772&long=-80.9144647264596&clr=%23ff0000&rm=0
  12. This works pretty well and its free. [http://www.soundation.com/studio/](http://www.soundation.com/studio/)
  13. emplay


    @Marsh: > ouch that sucks, how did you end up breaking it anyway? I fell and Fractured it. I thought it was jammed. So my girlfriend pulled it and that's what broke 2 fingers.
  14. emplay


    So, I broke my hand yesterday. I think it's funny. Cept for 1 problem AP art is gonna be a whole lot harder now. (but this will be 1 creative cast. :azn:)
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