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  1. The intention is good, but this might not be the best way to go about it. - Duke
  2. > Anyone with a huge ego or who would take it that way should not get elected anyway. But then there would be no one at all to vote for.
  3. > Looks sweet! Other then the general pink hue that is. That's just an effect that displays when you're in control of another character or a clone.
  4. Looks pretty good, but I'm going to stop **that** train right there. Yes, games that innovate from the derivatives are definitely worthy of not being deemed a straight clone… but you have not innovated. We can customize our rocket? Great. That's awesome, but not innovative. We can change the obstacles we're flying around? Cool, not innovative. We can earn in game currency and buy things? Awesome!.. not innovative. This is pretty good for a clone, most definitely! But it's still not much more than that just yet. The graphics are **most definitely** an improvement, _but that's about it._ As for being the best Flappy Bird clone? Naw man, Maverick Bird deserves that title. That one's got somethin' special, and it's got purty sounds!
  5. Cute sprites, love the style so far. Nice work! Thanks, Us.
  6. > Advance Wars… is it based on that game? It takes some of the things from tactical turn based games like Advance Wars and Fire Emblem, but also takes some card based elements from games like Hearthstone and Scrolls. Thanks, Us.
  7. > feel free to use my grass that i made. Its not much but it decent and if you dislike the color you can always change the color easily. > ![](http://mmorpgcreation.com/images/grass.png) Thank you for the offer, but no thanks. We will make a proper grass tile once we're set on a style. Thanks, Us.
  8. > Looks like leaves to me, more than grass. It's something until we get a set style that we're going for. > you said it clashes (which it does) but it looks good I'm glad you like it. Thanks, Us.
  9. One of my spriters made us a new grass tile. :3 ![](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10498962/woot_2.png) NOTE: It clashes with everything because everything but the grass is temporary/placeholder. Thanks, Us.
  10. Tell me how it goes, brother man!
  11. More information would be nice. Thanks, Us.
  12. I prefer Elandor, and Tales of a New World might bring you many problems in the future due to the Tales of Series owning a title called Tales of the New World, which is a series. I can see conflicts arising from this. Thanks, us.
  13. Those prices are not reasonable for the area in which you are advertising. You might want to look elsewhere if you're not going to lower that dramatically. Thanks, Us.
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