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  1. Everything crest makes is complete and utter shit. I thats why I support him
  2. > Holy sweet god that was halarious xD Holy shizz…. I love you goldy. I wish I read this before doug's comment. Yep.Sadly the world cannot see it.. Because kids these days are all deep into the web if you know what I mean but if I type dick here I'll get censored. I THOUGHT MURICA ONLY SPOKE FREEDOM
  3. Sent you a pm crest.I can't show this in public cause this a kid friendly community. Like the internet.
  4. Major bump , just wanted to show hows stuff looking now. ![](http://i.imgur.com/mk4ZViC.png) Yep the stones on the hut are really bad I gotta figure out a better way to do that.
  5. So…You just... A nevermind not worth it...
  6. Should rename it to how to make a cube.Pixel art is so much more than that , even for people just starting , you need to consider alot of things so you start off the right way.You just showed how to make a isometric cube. [http://www.pixeljoint.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=11299](http://www.pixeljoint.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=11299) This is by far the best pixel art tutorial I've ever seen.It may have a little more than the basics , but making pixel art isn't just about throwing some colors out there in a random shape
  7. Definatelly following the website!If Black Cat's Story was that much fun , I can't imagine how great the next projects will be.
  8. Good games never lack it.And to be honest I don't know whats so beautiful about the scenario you have there.Generally you start developing the game after the planning stage is done so if you are trying to dev and plan it at the same time you are going to get swamped or just not make a good game.
  9. I stopped reading at the "features" list. First , please tell me the EXCLUSIVE image on top of it is a joke.Please do. Second I'll let player economy and FRACTIONS slip through but beautiful scenary?Are you serious?Is that a feature?Is that all you have to tell us about for a game that is "close to alpha"? I didn't want to bash but jesus work on your WIP dude!
  10. Yeah it does not fit with the rest of the tiles.I think if you made the rest of the tiles more detailed it could work out good
  11. Ignore the fact that the "d" is completely crooked , if you want me to keep going I'll redo it with a proper shape. ![](http://i.imgur.com/LXnc68h.png)
  12. For a small fee of 49.95 I'll do anything.Besides sex.
  13. Fair enough , it would not fit. I started a D anyways , but yeah it wouldn't suit.If you want me to keep going just tell me , if not I understand hehe. ![](http://i.imgur.com/noY8l04.png)
  14. I might try to help later after a sort this some shit out here.What are your thoughts on a pixelled look?
  15. > World of Azure That's still being made.We just moved on to a c++ engine and we have redone a lot of stuff but we decided we weren't going to post it till we had a playable client with content.I'm not gonna get much into that but we have some pretty cool stuff being programmed.
  16. That helped alot Chief , thanks I'm gonna try to fix it up now!
  17. Major Bump , any criticism will be gladly accepted! ![](http://i.imgur.com/ZUTjpSc.png)
  18. VitinhooxD

    Compnany title

    Oak tree productions.actually no that's mine. Lance hardwood corp. Seymour butz incorporated. I know rite.
  19. I googled FREE 2D MMORPG MAKER.There's a key word to it.
  20. That's still not pixel art even with you band gradients pixel by pixel cause pixel art isn't about gradients
  21. > It's not pixel art and I'm not raging. What did you expect the comments to be in a "show off" of circles with a gradient fill?. Make all the gradient filled circles you want man, more power to you but you posted it here to show off, did you not want comments? or just only good ones? I completely agree.go look up on the Internet what defines pixel art.its definitely not just using the circle tool and putting up a gradient
  22. > Agreed :D Gotta figure out something You can just pixel like two collums of rocks in their edges and get a solid color for the background.That could work
  23. The cliffs look weird IMO , where the small cliff touches the big cliff the texture you have there touches the other one perfectly it seems likes its just continuing theres no depth between the two cliffs.
  24. > Just wondering what did they do? THEY GOT BAAAAAAAAAN HAMMERED FOR NO REASON!
  25. My favorite engine is the one where Range and daxter are.BANNED ORIGINS.
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