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  1. @Anna: > TURN DOWN YOUR SOUND BEFORE YOU PLAY THIS VIDEO > > It's alright, they get quite a bit into it though, but sports fans are usually like that. XD Holy shit. Thanks for the warning, saved me big time.
  2. @DocDanger: > Hey. I'm DocDanger. I do chiptune and such so if you have a game and need music, I would be more than happy to try and provide some music for free. I am pretty much 80% sarcastic when posting in threads but I lighten up on the sarcasm when it comes to serious matters and chiptune. I hope to become a dedicated member and would really like to start making chiptune for people. And ignore my profile pic. I'm not gay :D See you around. Welcome. [Pic related.](http://gyazo.com/6af4cf11387b479e7e0418be6c75806b.png)
  3. @Soul: > It confuses me as well, perhaps someone wiser will step in and explain this natural phenomenon. Ooh, ooh! I like to call it human stupidity!
  4. @AmSamurai: > a tribe of Pilgrims wat I'm just plain bloated. Doing nothing.
  5. yorty

    Black Ops Tournament

    @Marsh: > Alright like I said guys add my gamer tag so we can get this going. Its atramentouss only 2 people from Eclipse have done it so far. > I am just wondering how many of you guys would be up for a Black Ops tournament? It would be hosted on the 360\. Prizes of forum cash and custom name colors. We could do it tommorow or some time next week if you guys need more time. Im curios if anyone would actually show up? > It would be hosted on the 360. > 360. :|
  6. yorty

    Black Ops Tournament

    @renzo: > There is no strategy in FPSs, you point and shoot, the only thing that matters with FPSs is skill. http://www.realitymod.com/ @Zonova: > reflex is a type of scope. No. Oh, and screw Xbox. Play PC please.
  7. yorty

    Black Ops

    Just felt like doing some good. Er, sorta. Use the promo code "bigsavings" on Direct 2 Drive to get Blopsy PC for 45$.
  8. @Buddha: > because some of us like drugs? or because we look at retarded pictures? hehe .. I don't think that's limited to eclipsers. but I guess we can pretend.. This is just the tip of the iceberg.
  9. Oh what the hell, no one should ever have to even think for a second why Eclipse is regarded as fucked up. Not that anyone here cares. ;D
  10. yorty

    Black Ops

    @«: > [»Wolf «][» link=topic=65876.msg709358#msg709358 date=1288971276] > @Xelander: > > > PC version will blow away everything. > > Considering Modern Warfare 2 got no dedicted servers, horrid matchmaking, hackers due to no dedicated servers and the whiney kids from the xbox, I doubt it. > > Im not getting Black Ops, Im sick of Call of Duty games. Gaining untolds amount of money for the same game year in year out. Disgrace to the industry. THIS is why IPs are rare. Very, very rare. D-d-dedic-c-cated Servers-s-s… Sorry to say, but the only reason I don't insta-buy Black Ops is because of Activision.
  11. @.Aaron: > @[Cake: > > > Vitin â„¢ link=topic=65762.msg708823#msg708823 date=1288821891] > > @Soul: > > > > > To everyone saying it's nice: > > > > > > lolololol. > > Stop repeating what everyone says. It is annoying and a waste of time… > trololo
  12. @Miguu: > So was it wrong to bash Hitler? He was uncomfortable with Jews. And he killed them as well. So that's kind of on a different level.
  13. @Batman: > @Al-Capone: > > > Don't generalize. > > Don't be a hypocrite. Yes, yes I am. Not much anyone can do about it. That's me.
  14. yorty


    @Robin: > @Al-Capone: > > > Of course, that's your idea of "fine." > > Do you honestly have nothing better to do than walking around the forum replying to everything I post? You're simply the last person who replied. Don't flatter yourself.
  15. @Robin: > Don't put words into my mouth. I don't believe I did. @F0x: > No actually all reasonable people do. I know plenty of "reasonable" American Christians. Don't generalize. @Batman: > @Al-Capone: > > > Just like how British ~~Agnostics~~ ~~all~~ think "That person is an American ~~Christian~~, so he/she must be ignorant." ;D > > I think that is more correct. More like.
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