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  1. isn't that the GUI robin made?
  2. meh, freaking thing stretched the page. I'll just upload a js file :/
  3. :renzo: created a random story generator for fun. Developed with Javascript. You _**could**_ use it for a storyline. Not really recommended. Actually, not recommended AT ALL. http://storygen.freehostia.com Source code is attached, for anyone who wants to improve the code. in all, took me about 1 week to make, only because of procrastination and the fact that I have a life. :renzo:
  4. you can download eclipse's source from the place that you downloaded Eclipse. freemmorpgmaker. The source is written in VB6 so you must know vb6 in order to edit the source. the folder inside your eclipse folder is where you can store your scripts. You can find many scripts on this forum. Just search, or look in the search section
  5. @zomgos: > Is there a way I can remap the control keys on the client before I "ship it out"? source edit @zomgos: > So it will be the same for everyone what do you mean? @zomgos: > Like i want the attack key to be A > Pick up items to be space bar. source edit @zomgos: > How can I add skills to my character? I have made a couple of skills. Do i have to set them up in a shop? I'm pretty sure there are some scripts. look in the script database. No, you don't have to set them up in a shop (unless of course, you're talking about spells, as mentioned by Admiral Refuge).
  6. I never said you can't do it. i was just saying you should probably consider a different route. Anyways, if you must know how: download a ftp client. I use filezilla: www.filezilla.org/download next, run the install. Run the program after the install completes. type in your ftp host, username, and password. For 000webhost: ftp host= ftp.000webhost.com I don't know about the rest, I don't use 000webhost. Although they should give you the details in an email or something. The port should be 21 by default. If you entered the correct info, the ftp client should connect to your ftp server. From there, you can see all of the directories. most webhosts tell you to upload to htdocs (or htc, can't remember). move all your files into a folder. drag into htdocs folder. profit. If you need pics, I'll add them later
  7. olawl. putting the files in is the ONLY thing you need to do for FTP. If you can't do that, then forget it.
  8. if you don't understand ftp don't try. Instead, try using freewebs website builder. 000webhost is for uploading your premade webpages onto their server
  9. if you don't know how to do any with websites, don't try. you will fail. miserably.
  10. making a pokemon game for the lulz :renzo: I sorta Need a pokemon tilesheet not in like imageshack or photobucket. china blocks those O: (I'm in china for vacation) An upload site that isn't blocked is http://www.up2share.com or http://www.plunder.com
  11. Doomsalad

    Money making

    eclipse licensing explains everything.
  12. Doomsalad

    Money making

    http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/smf/index.php/topic,29732.0.html the answer
  13. Oh really? Then creating support for it in .NET should be easy
  14. is sadscript a modified version of vbscript?
  15. I am currently recoding Eclipse into C#, as I have a knowledge of vb6 and .NET. I am somewhat sure sadscript will not work in a .NET version. is there anyway to "port" sadscript or possibly make a .NET supported version?
  16. @rithy: actually, if you subscribe to msdn, you can get all of microsoft's downloads for free (you have to pay for the subscription of course -.-') You can get vb6 that way too ;D
  17. a screenshot would be nice…
  18. I now have the same errors as you. Oh shi-
  19. all the codes you guys are giving are just simple paragraph codes. Lemme try to fix a div code for you
  20. you would have to edit the source. Though I highly doubt that would be possible for you
  21. …that was a horrible code. It's not even proper. And could you be more specific? What do you want? A news banner?
  22. lol nice. It's always fun doing one of these once in a while ~ :icon_beer:
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