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  1. > I hope that he doesn't rely on programming in Visual Basic 6 to feed his family. You can make so much more money if you just learn .NET or web-based languages. There's a reason why I dropped my programming shop cause it wasn't worth the time. You two are still in the past, looking at things in such a very small spectrum. That's why you don't go anywhere with any of your projects for the past decade or so, so time to learn how to adapt I guess? Or be like the fish that didn't evolve lungs. > > Anyway, like I said good luck. I'm not here to trash talk, but to say that you are wrong. I dont hate you or Xaden, but I do hate that no one ever listens to my advice. He is proficient in many languages, but VB6 seems to be still quite popular with people who are just starting out. If I was starting out again, I'd probably go with C or javascript, but that's hindsight for you. What you see on the surface is very little of what goes on in the background, me personally I have actually been well into 3D games for quite some time, I don't think we could pull a great 3D based engine off so that's why we stuck to 2D in that respect. Not that I feel obliged to provide examples of what I do with my spare time, but if you feel inclined here, check out my [youtube channel](https://www.youtube.com/user/GeoffroAU).. or my [thingiverse](http://www.thingiverse.com/Geoffro/made) page… Just on your remark about how we are stuck in the past, it's quite the contrary. I have been 3d modelling and playing with my 3D printer for the past couple of years.. if that's stuck in the past then lol.
  2. > You are a very old dude with a lot of experience, and you argued with me when I was like what 16? I've grown up since then, you argued with me way over your growth age, so don't give me that *. Grow up and quit lying. I don't buy programming from people anymore, because I am better than most nowadays. I am not the same kid you suckered into donating for your engine or commissions. When your work sucked and wasn't worth what I paid for it. You had clips in the art which distorted the quality such as parts being cut off, and you wouldn't even give me the PSD. You thought I would steal it and claim it as my own. 36 years is hardly very old :P I'd prefer to refer to it as 'experienced'. The fact I was programming and working with primitive graphics decades before you were born is besides the point. And it seems you haven't changed a bit. I came here to simply give Xaden credit for his programming abilities, as he has a young family to feed as I do and anyone worth their weight in salt would try and make money using said abilities. Enough said. If you don't wish to utilize his services then you should do him the service of kindly exiting the thread. regards. Devo.
  3. If I was 5 years younger, I would also probably sit here and argue with Helladen, but the fact is Seth you were banned from Genesis2D so I don't blame you for having a sour taste in your mouth, sadly alot of that was down to your friends at the time and not you if you correctly recall (pokepossum) one thing I have been cursed with my entire life is a vivid memory for every argument I've ever had, and I recall that one well- but we are talking a long time ago. But I'm not here to talk about the past. I could quote your other post and defend our engine, yet again, but I'm not going to do that either. As far as I know over the past 5.5 years, there has only been TWO people out of hundreds that complained to me about Xaden not delivering, and when I asked what he has already delivered and what they expected, it was the same. They pay a small fee and expect the world (something Ive been guilty of myself) and then they expect even more after that. These are people who you just can't satisfy and after talking to them in PM's trying to sort situations out, I figured out they were mainly complete and utter nutters who wouldn't listen to reason.
  4. > In other words, you expect people to just assume you're good because you say so? You come here with no portfolio, no back ground, no examples, no communication with the other members and just demand trust? Try again. I might be able to help with that. Hi everyone.. Haven't been on this site for some time, as most of the old timers might remember we run another engine called Genesis2D, which is in it's 5th revision and a new version is due out very soon, but I didn't come here to plug our engine. Real life took over and we took a long hiatus (have a couple of kids.. you'll understand..) Xaden is an extremely accomplished programmer. I have had the good fortune to know him for the past nearly 6 years and have had the benefit of his services for that time. Not only is he reliable, but he always delivers what you are after, hell, just look at the features he's crammed into our engine, it's mind boggling. I often see people shilling their services on sites and like you, either want proof or am often skeptical of their said abilities and find they are far from what they offer, whereas Xaden is probably the opposite, he will say I can do A B and C and in reality, he can go all the way to Z and back. So, without blowing more smoke up his *, that's all I really have to say about it :) The GUI in the pictures is from some of our new version, and is subject to change. If anyone want's GUI work done, send me a PM but be aware I won't be able to commence work until mid May due to other projects I am bound to. regards, Devo.
  5. > Are you still doing this? Still trying to get a awesome name for my MMORPG. > > PM me if you're still doing this because this will be helpful, i completely suck at art. ![:)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//smile.png) Scroll up. Read.
  6. > Sorry man don't want to bug you or anything but still waiting on that logo. I messaged you a few weeks ago. Sorry, my inbox is just about full.. take the requests from this thread and times that by 20… I promised myself id get all these done this week, so we'll seee how I go, its only tuesday
  7. > Hey Devo! Welcome back? > > How is my GUI doing? The thing is, I got Dragon Eclipse, so I'll send you my new GUI today or tomorrow. > > Don't worry, it's not much different than the old one. It just has 3 extra buttons. > > Oh, and please try to finish it a.s.a.p. > > THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! So you had me work on a GUI, and now you have picked a new GUI format and expect me to rework it to fit a new GUI while the first one is nearly completed? jesus christ..
  8. > at first i needed some but i got some now im fine so don't worrie about it thanks though Sorry, I wouldn't have done it anyway and am a little offended you would ask me to do your halloween decorations, considering halloween will be over before it began, seems like an awful waste of time,.
  9. > Glad your back Devo! if you have some time i could use some halloween items like candy and weapons and resources, also if you can a temporary gui for halloween saying happy halloween at the top and jack o lanterns and skeltons around the edges. Thanks in advance You are joking with me yeah?
  10. Ok, out of hospital, all good - time to get back to work ![:)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//smile.png)
  11. > OMG, pneumonia, i had it twice as a child, worst expirence of my life… Also yea, smoking can give you it if it had any infection in the tabacco, you dont know what hands have been on it after its been dryed :/ Tabacco? lol.
  12. > How the duck do you put up with these? That's my trick, I don't ![:)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//smile.png) The more someone pushes me, the further down the queue it gets pushed. Sadly that's just in this thread here, you should see my inbox.. :/
  13. I actually went to 2 doctors today, and apparently I have pneumonia.. no wonder I feel like shit… so am on several antibiotics, but due to lungs being ducked, cant even smoke... FML..and I cant taste or hear anything... /gets gun, shoots self.
  14. > Poor Devo… Try some of that blue liquid Tylenol syrup. Will knock ya right out! I have tried everything legal and illegal I can get my hands on, my wife just cracked a bottle of white wine and that actually seems to be helping (or numbing me.. I'll take it either way lol)
  15. Yes, yes, yes yes and yes and yes… I think that was everyone... Have been really sick with a cold (man flu!) haven't even picked up my Iphone for 3 days, thats how crap I feel...and i'm an Iphone addict.!! I will endeavour to get as much done as i can tonight.
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