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  1. kerii


    O_O!!! HEALTHIER? I've literally survived off burritos for like the last month. :D 1500calories, beans, cheese, and Tortia, or Beans, beef, and Tortia. :D It's That or Ramen… what do you think I choose? That rant out of the way, Yeah you've missed out. :D
  2. Possibly I don't know. I'm a fourth jewish so don't go thinking I'm anti-Semitic.
  3. Well as Hittler was to the Jewish I am to the Gummies. :D They are delicious.
  4. I went to the store today and saw that they had the new Mountain Dew Flavor. Now I liked Code Red, so I thought I've got to try that. And sure enough the first sip I took reminded me of Gummy Bears. I hope This isn't just me.
  5. I enjoyed that movie too, but I don't think it was the first thing I thought of. I liked the Lighting effect.
  6. kerii

    Item Ideas.

    Judging by the information you've requested it would be the exact things you'd need to know to put an item in your game. Plus you've made several posts saying that you are doing this item or another. Honestly it looks like you've masked a plot to have others do your game design for you with a "game". I gave you a good item, it so happened to be a real one but still. If you want to make great items tha aren't just another rip off from some game, sit and play a ton of games and then make up your own.
  7. kerii

    Item Ideas.

    That doesn't really argue your point.
  8. 1\. Move Along- The All American Rejects 2\. Love and Memories-O.A.R. 3\. Blame it on the Titars- Modest Mouse 4\. Attack-30 Seconds to Mars 5\. Saying Goodbye-Theory of a Dead Man 6\. Movies- Alien Ant Farm 7\. Flake-Jack Johnson 8\. Gentle Hands-[dot]Hack//G.U. Vol 1 OST 9\. Spaceman-The Killers 10\. Killer Queen- Queen *Play #10 on GH 1 On expert and tell me the song is gay.
  9. kerii

    Item Ideas.

    I did contribute. :D But after reading what you've said I think your full of it. >.< If it was for fun you wouldn't have said:@Chakkra: > link=topic=38077.msg363960#msg363960 date=1233870914] > I like the crazy ideas.. **_my game is supposed to be random and fun.. not serious_**. Make more random and crazy items like the crotch spike
  10. kerii

    Item Ideas.

    I am Devogen's counter. :D He's the Sith and I the Jedi. :D -Come up with your Own ideas. Your just lame if you can't even come up with a few different things. I mean blood hell, yes hell is bloody, I found a spork sprite. :D The Spork of Doom-on-nosit-ah will reign supreme.
  11. kerii


    Now there's a thought. Deep Fried tacos. :D
  12. kerii

    Item Ideas.

    Meh, the Schwartz is over rated. My Midichlorian Count is off the charts. Yeah I actually enjoyed looking up real weapons and stuff for my game.
  13. Well I don't know about that Devogen. I like j-pop even though I can't understand the lyrics. From what I was told by a few of the Japanese people(from japan, not just ethnicity) I have a pretty good taste for it. I've never really put much focus on the lyrics, unless it was a specific song I wanted to know. I think how Gwen described it is the best way to put what I meant. That kind of thing is why I have a wide verity of music on my Nano.
  14. I'm not sure if you understand what I'm talking about. I'm not talking about the "volume" I'm talking about the music it's self.
  15. I'm not really into metal. It's not so much that I'm biased; just that generally it's really loud and I've got pretty sensitive ears. I do love the great guitar work in metal, it's pretty amazing how good they can sound and the speed at which they can play.
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