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  1. neopets, I was 6 years old. LONGGGG TIME AGO wait.. Im not supposed to be here… woops.
  2. Right people, most of you know that im outta here now, so bone is in charge during my leave. Since TT seems to have quit her project, she's third in command.
  3. Actually Draenei are the only thing I LIKE about the allys (no BC, alliance = crap)
  4. coming… -_- bone's supposed to handle part three since im going on vacation
  6. Dentarg Had a 25 BE lock (demo) and a 27 Troll Hunt (marks) My troll hunt was pwnalicious in pvp
  7. Sorry i havent been on ppl, but fear not. I have plenty of time dedicated to this over spring break (which starts tommarow) so i'll b locking this tommarow
  8. Sylexus44


    @totalwar235: > i play guild wars a lot more now(its the only "free game" that can stand against WoW) tell that to all the rapplez and PW ppl on this forum
  9. Marsh got shoes while he went away from your mom, from you plowing the front of Canada. Then, he banned you for double posting about me, which caused a huge scandal between pokemon and yugioh because your father accidentally killed a hippopotamus with a toothbrush. Meanwhile, fireflies weren't real because Eclipse won the fight between various lepers whose pants died. Cancer, unable to sustain proper dehydration, began drooling all over a picture of Ninja-Tech who died because of a giant ape god. Kreator stopped pixel art, and the world ended! This topic is never ending. Meanwhile, Renzo was returning to Eclipse, and screamed "I AM BACK!" But, Mars was inhabited by squares that rofled over their PedoBear overlords, who always raped mathematics with poor long division. Renzo saw this and decided to call Marsh up and demand Millions. Blueberry tart tastes like poop because Emblem thinks the cats' pants did something illegal, like losing the game - again. Meanwhile Kreator was merrily skipping school when Sasuke started ****ing Renzo on a giant giraffe emperor while Kreator was riding tornadoes in Mexico's tacoland. This angered Ambard, who began a war with non-existent chilidogs. When epic flying chimps chowed on the head of Renzo the PedoBear, children everywhere were crying for chilli dogs. DrNova exploded by eating a Lesser-Marhumphalump
  10. @XxArchAngelxX: > WHAT 9000!!!??? ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  11. K, bone go make a topic regarding the comm project updates. BTW your in charge of the comm proj till the end of march after the 11th
  12. Sylexus44


    @Reguba: > Yes the new content was in. The combat was way over-sold in my opinion. On top of that the auto-move sucked and there was a complete lack of WASD… I'm not telling anyone not to play it, I just didn't see anything special in it. They redid the starting island so there's no grind. Also they added a Party vs Party PQ. + They've minimized grind with at least 1 quest per level. I think it's a lot better than the last time I played it
  13. Sylexus44


    Anyone up for some MS? I recently restarted and it's become infinitely better since last year
  14. Post apoc usually bores me since it's overused. But if it wins the vote I'm fine with it
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