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  1. http://poolriah.wordpress.com/
  2. That angle between those two platforms seems very obscure.
  3. insert Robin's post related picture.
  4. @Robin: > **Date Registered:** April 06, 2010, 03:44:16 AM. > > :| **Date Registered:** August 20, 2006, 07:00:00 PM :|
  5. Digital Kitchen Scales, Towel, Clothes, Cricket Bat, Tripod, Gorillaz Concert Ticket. + All debts paid off.
  6. Patrick

    Ipod Apps

    You can jailbreak 4.2.1 with a tethered one. Downgrading does not brick your phone/pod/pad. 4.2.1 is useless anyway, it's only meant for iPads. Source is easy to add. Just add cydia.hackulo.us to sources in cydia. Jailbreaking does _not_ damage or brick any device, unless you used the wrong version or are seriously mental. Mobile substrate drains battery and uses RAM. MS is used by SBsettings, Winterboard, anything which makes major changes. Install0us does not use Mobile Substrate therefore it does not crap up your device.
  7. Patrick

    Ipod Apps

    You know guys, you can just illegally download apps.
  8. iPod/iPad is not an instrument.
  9. This looks like a try-hard Cake vs. Pie thread.
  10. @JS1: > Phonics, not phonetics. > > -JS1 Phonetics not Phonics. -QE2
  11. [Surgical Glove Bagpipe](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hBqgp9JGOo)
  12. ![](http://www.nofactzone.net/wp-content/images/reporting-for-duty.jpg) lolz @ colbert.
  13. @Robin: > @мсичġġєт: > > > Like my two layer map! > > Flip a coin. > > Just flip a coin. > > I can never tell if you're honestly so retarded or if you're joking sometimes.
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