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  1. > Azzy your boy is getting big. He's cute! Sure he's yours? :P > > > > whats with the French? Gwen, I miss you. Skype me or something? :( And whatever happened to the other one, I forgot her name, sweet jesus. There were two main admin womens back in the day. Ends in A I think? > Azkanan your boy looks a lot like you I'd be worried if he didn't.
  2. azkanan

    Free speech

    Glad I pinned this topic now. B)
  3. Mon fils et moi. ![](https://scontent-a-lhr.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfp1/v/t1.0-9/10478146_10152566639704722_6496943050250247100_n.jpg?oh=c61d3941a094c6dbb03fd8f90ade4a0a&oe=5545FCEB) ma sœur et moi. ![](https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/10475677_10152631638354722_5600296328808999463_n.jpg?oh=76c6ffc4bee336800776ddb6545d4690&oe=550701B4&__gda__=1426535330_a392a514de559c27821e9d140100cd60) Mes amis et moi. ![](https://scontent-b-lhr.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpf1/v/t1.0-9/10672351_10152769247909722_802228913496552913_n.jpg?oh=c252f20f0de3966cc44194e3af8d775e&oe=550316DA) et le dernier mais non le moindre, ma cherie. ![](http://puu.sh/dIqjE/9a72094431.jpg)
  4. Anybody heard of this genre? I came across it a few months ago. I think there's a demo out there somewhere where you put your headphones on and close your eyes. There's another one where you've been captured and about to be tortured. It's pretty amazing. [http://www.joystiq.com/2011/03/12/deep-sea-the-scariest-game-ever/](http://www.joystiq.com/2011/03/12/deep-sea-the-scariest-game-ever/)
  5. Open source engine, lots of tutorials and "How to make this cool feature X" articles, and a drama section, please.
  6. > I've been the leading seamen at my shop YES. ABSOLUTELY QUOTABLE.
  7. > For the record, I did start from nothing here as well. It was 6 years ago, and I had no talents. Now I'm a professional front end developer. There's a whole life story here, but I can trace my beginnings to 6 years ago, at the blue/skulls smf eclipse that we all loved. Put it back to how it was. > > > > Yukiro seems to think that the old ways aren't the right direction. He's too concerned with taking it in another "new" direction, and that's wrong, in my opinion. It was great as it was before Amish ruined it. We don't need another clueless owner who thinks he can turn it into something new. > > > > It wasn't broken, don't try to spit-shine it into a pretty little turd-flower. Put it back how it was. I agree to an extent. Eclipse had its issues; such as lack of engine support, all the moderators/admins were expected to pick and choose when and where they should put some work in. Flaming was a constant issue, and like I said a moment ago, they stamped down way too hard on everybody everywhere on the forum, because of the few. Also, anybody remember that April Fools that went too far, and SOMEBODY led a DOS attack?
  8. So whilst we were talking on Eclipse Skype chat over microphone, I was rambling on for about two minutes to complete silence. When I finished, I got "Good speech"'s. I've never given a speech in my life. To summarise it, Eclipse once was and should have always been, open source, free and about the community. Eclipse is not a commercial prospect. Eclipse has always been and should always be, about the community. The advertisement of "Free MMORPG Maker" brought many immature, underage, naive kids to the forum. Ten (sic) years on, including myself in that previous description, look at us now. Programmers, Pixel Artists, Graphic Artists, Musicians. I'm working on my own thing. Stephan, Elliot Brown, General Awesome; programmers from nothing. Baron; pixel artist from nothing. Kreator; Pixel artist *and* musician; from nothing. Jungletoe, one of the most notoriously annoying faggots to ever grace the forum got hammered and tossed around like a fruit juice in a rabble of disparate children. But he stuck it out, gave the middle finger and now he's celebrating a recently steam-greenlit project picked up by a publisher and sitting comfortably in his own development office, [http://playdwell.com/](http://playdwell.com/) . Eclipse is about the community. Eclipse is a rallying pool for unrealised talent to try their best with a free, open source engine and to harness their possible capabilities into serious game development skills. I want to see Eclipse back to that. I want to see Eclipse offering not only the (albeit roughly offered) nurturing side it always offered, but to also allow more advanced developers to harness their skills together and make a real go at what they're aiming to achieve. If ever Eclipse strays from that again, I'm out of here. Let's do this. > Not to be "that guy". But I dont like the idea of a community founded on just being a friendly place and kind. Call me an asshole, but berrating people on how they put a point across or when there is personal banter (like whats just happened here) isn't a solution. > > Some people in topics could have genuine concerns, concerns that not everybody will agree with or be happy to hear regardless of intention. > > For instance… Im worried about posting this post in case i get banned or warned... thats not a community spirit you should foster, folks. > > Hell I cant even collaborate with you guys (which is what game development is about) because anything not eclipse is somehow "the enemy" and trounced out. I want to see non-eclipse games flourish in their own section, as was introduced a few years ago. Like I previously said in this post, people come to eclipse, learn, grow and start their own thing - moving on. I want to keep you suckers chained down here, just for a few more years ;). I'm also constantly pushing for a "Drama Section" that will allow people to piss and moan and fly off the handle all they like, to filter all the flaming, faggotry, bigotry, hate speeches and neonazism to one little shithole so that the rest of the forum can put it on hide and not have to roll their eyes in every thread, or to fear prosecution from overly-sensitive admins waiting for a flame to pop up, like waiting for a spout of lava from a boiling volcano covered in a sheet of obsidian.
  9. azkanan

    New Logo

    > Ill mess with the colors when I get home but I was going for the very bright saturated feel. No logo ever was bright and saturated with rainbow colours. Ever. You know which ones were? The ones people don't hear about. As for the logo, I'd probably make the main studio title smaller except the first letter, for it to stand out, perhaps add some opacity to it. I don't know, I'm a pixel artist, I don't do this vector stuff.
  10. azkanan

    Public Apology.

    So how long till I can buy this place off your hands and get the community back to the good days?
  11. ![](http://puu.sh/avMLs/96dff1aee1.png) Howdy everyone! The forum is now up and ready for fine adventurers such as yourselves! It's all still a bit beta, some of the graphics needs fixing up, but it's completely accessible and usable. Come check us out! [www.KelethorGaming.com](http://www.kelethorgaming.com/community/index.php)
  12. Thanks guys! This is going to be awesome, honest.
  13. Howdy guys! I've thrown up a Kickstarter project, the idea of it based around the plan of a forum dedicated to forum games and forum game players and to build a community about that… in short, anyways. Check it out if this idea catches your fancy, and we might be able to make it into something awesome. Cheers! [KelethorGaming.com Kickstarter](https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1354638350/kelethorgamingcom)
  14. > Agreed, even our game wouldn't consider doing Kickstarter yet. This raised my bar. Thanks.
  15. Hi guys. Mega-old Admin-of-Eclipse Admiral Refuge, I, and a friend called Xena have bought webspace to resell on to others. We are offering unlimited webhosting (For webhosting, not backing up files, sharing massive everything with everyone, etc) for $5/month if you pre-order now. Pre-ordering payments are going towards the initial purchase of the space. What we don't make up in pre-orders we're going to shell out with our own money, so either way the space will be available. Webhosting will be available in July. Inbox me if interested. Thanks!
  16. I understand where Lumiere is coming from - the gameplay shows no challenge, other than hitting jump at certain points, and even that doesn't look too difficult. Also, the camera work is amateurish… Well, regretfully, that's because we are amateurish. We have no funding and no experience. Thank you for your advice, Lumiere. I did have to tone it down a bit though, lest a flamefest of good versus evil busted open ;)
  17. azkanan

    Steampunk MMO

    As for the pipes, I hadn't made them dirty enough at all. Much appreciated on the feedback! I'll rework on the colours, patterns and housing. Something was irking me on the overall design, but I couldn't put my finger on it.
  18. azkanan

    Steampunk MMO

    Howdy guys. Just showing off my first-time attempt at Steampunk. Excuse the default avatar. ![](http://puu.sh/6HJAa.jpg)
  19. azkanan

    RPG Mockup

    > Got it , I'll get on that as soon as I'm done with the tree!Thanks for the tip! > > > > Update on the tree! > > ![](http://i.imgur.com/2Sa04zp.png) > > Much better, but, the trunk looks too flat now. We shouldn't be able to see so much of the branches under the boughs, and the sides could do with more depth of shading.
  20. azkanan

    RPG Mockup

    The palm tree looks like it's been stepped on; it's too flat and you can see too much of the top of the leaves. It looks like I'm viewing the top of the tree from a bird's eye view, but I can see the trunk, too.
  21. Ambard! Regretfully Ambardia Online never got me stuck in because of the 3D environment on a 2D world, it just looked unattractive to my eyes. A 3D world, however, should be awesome. Rock on!
  22. Howdy all. Throwing up a thread offering Pixel Art (Sprites, Tiles, Icons, etc) for payment. Inbox me if interested. ![](http://puu.sh/3XUxv.png) ![](http://puu.sh/3XUA6.png) ![](http://puu.sh/3XUCp.png) ![](http://puu.sh/3XUFy.png) ![](http://puu.sh/3XUGN.png) ![](http://puu.sh/3zhnn.png)![](http://puu.sh/3wjIt.png) ![](http://puu.sh/3wB7F.png) ![](http://puu.sh/3XUJe.jpg)
  23. Thread cleaned. Keep it friendly, boys.
  24. At the moment, the player can't do much except build a ship and fly between planets, so it's not worth releasing yet. :)
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