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  1. *Starts to assemble a massive list of useful forum images*
  2. This error is client side config, no doubt about it. My suggestions; 1) Reload your server scripts 2) Restart the server 3) Make sure your case is set to 1 or 2 4) As said, make sure your NPC has HP 5) Try using a random case (say 47) Maybe another script be conflicting this one… although I really doubt it. This script is so simple that no error should occur. And you say you've used it before so I find no reason for error.
  3. An updater can be easily sourced - or you can download a separate one and configure it. However some people may not have the time (or be bothered) to do this. So I support this - mostly.
  4. I think there's more to this… Maybe he (or she) was forced into it.
  5. @Fiend: > More like you have no view point on this topic and want a bigger post count. Tbh if you can't think of a name for your game then well… your screwed.. So true. Thinking up a name, realising it's been used and thinking up another is all part of the fun!
  6. Alster

    New Computer

    *Turns that sum into £s* Dude, I hope that thing is a beast.
  7. Alster

    An idea

    Eclipse has a few language boards at the bottom. And Google lists many online translators… So why not use a translator, post in the questions board (or board you want) and people will reply back. Just translate the replies. And I thinkr Firefox can translate webpages...
  8. *Tries to find criticism* Damn! I find none. In other words, you did well.
  9. …This topic is old for me know *yawn* I'm leaving *Closes 'the door'*
  10. @Agent: > WHAT THE HELL! HE THAT MUST NOT BE NAMED IS COMING BACK ?D: *Flees in terror. Why are you so scared…?
  11. Depending on the weather Fleshlight Man is next… Then (to be really cruel) I'll swing by Marsh's house with pop 'n fresh. It'll be fun to see 'em fight to the death.
  12. I'll be back soon… *Go Darkhorse go* ...I'm coming Sean.
  13. Thanks a lot Sean! *Gets a knife* I know where you live….
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