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  1. Is this still going ahead?
  2. I had the same problem. Here's what I did to fix it: 1. Run Command Prompt as administrator. 2. Enter 'cd "C:\Windows\System32"' for 32-bit systems or 'cd "C:\Windows\SysWOW64"' for 64-bit systems. 3. Enter 'regtlib msdatsrc.tlb'. This is implying that you have MSCOMCTL.OCX registered.
  3. Harris6310

    DX7 to Dx8

    DirectX 8 is a completely different framework to it's previous version. To upgrade to it would require a complete rewrite of the graphics engine. Not an easy task, even for the more experienced Eclipse programmers.
  4. > Lmao, those are generalized things. Thats like saying you can't have a cat in your game because a cat exists in other games. Not true, they care about copyright when its something significant, such as Pokemon Cyrus Online which was literally the Pokemon series with his own twist of mapping, and online, where he literally took someone elses entire idea and made it online. Thats copyright. Taking bits and pieces from what you've experienced in games is not copyright. Many game developers often use ideas from other games to stem and branch off into their own, better, and more resourceful ideas. He's joking.
  5. Hello everyone. I might do some posting here and there.
  6. Why do you need five sketchers? Surely sketching is a mock-up process done by the designers?
  7. > What's the different between this Engine with Eclipse Origins? Eclipse Origins is way more over-featured than what I want Novum to be. Novum will be more of a base engine which should be more customisable. > So this will be in VB6? Of course. ;-)
  8. **Novum** Hello. I'm Harris. I have been a member of Eclipse for a long time. I have never been very popular and I have never really produced anything of any quality, but some of you may remember me. I am working on a small project to develop a new engine. I like the idea of Eclipse, a retro ORPG experience. Though, in my opinion, the current engines are too over-featured and messy. Therefore I am going to develop something very simple and very efficient. I will base my engine on Mirage Source 4\. Similar to what Robin did with Eclipse Origins. Though my main focus will be efficiency and optimisation. Then I will implement some advanced features that work on the fundamentals and not to much on the gameplay. Such as DirectX 8 graphics and database support. The goal of this project is to produce something that I can be proud of, not necasarily something people will use. I will release the source code so you can use it if you want. I will also update this topic with information on the development. The name 'Novum' seems to fit well.
  9. I have a Human Arms Warrior on Chamber of Aspects EU. Anyone else play on this realm?
  10. I have voted for Elandor Chronicles because I think Elandor is just such a nice word. I think it would work great as a game title.
  11. If you have already implemented it, compare the FPS to a vanilla version.
  12. > No, Uranus. > > /boom Don't mess with this mofo.
  13. > I am indeed. Exams at the moment.. Got two tomorrow. D: Nice. What do you study?
  14. > I don't come from Norwich, I'm just studying there. So, yeah. No offence given or taken. ![;)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//wink.png) It was just bants. Are you studying at UEA?
  15. > Nice remote place. Sounds like a fantastic idea. > > Also, UK meet up would have to be in Norwich. We have mustard and carrots. Or Ipswich, where the locals don't have webbed feet.
  16. Hello, how much would you charge for a DirectX 8 upgrade on a Mirage Source 4 based project?
  17. Upload it to the internet on the old computer and then download it on the new computer.
  18. I would say invert the buttons. It looks alright on the icon placeholders, but I think that buttons should stick out.
  19. This project is amazing, I'm glad to see it again. The artwork is beautiful.
  20. Stop arguing in my topic. :-( Mirage Source 4 is good enough for some people, such as me.
  21. > Seems so. I guess I wasn't allowed then, as the topic has been moved.
  22. > I understand the use in posting this but why is this in the official downloads section instead of resources or something o.O…. Well for some strange reason, I have rights to post here. Is that normal?
  23. > Why would you post this? EO 2.0 is a fixed up, cleaned up, better optimised version of this. I'm not saying that people should use it, I'm just providing a download link on the forums.
  24. No problem guys, all I did was find them.
  25. Mirage Source 4 is the engine that Eclipse is based from. It does not have as many features as the current version of Eclipse. And it may have a few more bugs as well. So it is not a good idea to start a first project with it. Though it still maybe good for other uses. [Download!](http://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/files/imagehost/pics/02ca9a225636f57dbf4106a5b269d7ff.rar)
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