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  1. Still guessing agora. He must just be waiting until someone doesn't guess him.
  2. You get a season 2 DVD of Ni how Kai Lan. I insert a no. 2 HB pencil, unsharpened.
  3. I feel like Lord of War should've been in this, since there's a thread about how that's an awesome movie right beside this one.
  4. Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus Come to think of it, most of the titles in my collection would work way better describing the female genitalia.
  5. You get a headphone for the opposite ear. I insert a really old AOL demo disk.
  6. 9440 video game icons on my desktop.
  7. In7el3ct


    There's a free-to-lay mmo reviewer I like to watch called ChaosD1 (yes, I know, stupid name). His reviews are pretty in-depth. I'd give his episode backlog a look if you're looking for a new mmo.
  8. I loved this movie. I feel like it didn't get the recognition it deserved and then kind of disappeared.
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