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  1. Uhhh, yea. I went there, and whenever I went to a different page, the "http://bbproductions.co.nr/" would be there. It never changes.
  2. I have been noticing that most people are either using a .tk or .co.nr domain which only hides the true domain every page. And other people use freewebs as their host, which is okay, but it does not allow other features. For my websites, I use byethost as my host because it offers a lot of features. http://byethost.com Here are some basic: 250 MB disk space 6 GB monthly transfer Fantastico type installer - It automatically installs a phpbb, smf, mybb, usebb, phpnuke, wordpress, and 20+ more. Ad-free too. Click link for more features http://byethost.com/index.php/free-hostingmenu/37-byet-hosting-and-internet-services/55-free-hosting The semi-professional domain is co.cc. Unlike .tk and .co.nr, it does not hide your real domain with one link. For those who do not know what I mean, in the address bar, Domain.co.nr would be there no matter where you go even if you go to yahoo by clicking a link from that site. It just seems ugly and non-professional. Here's my site. Don't ask lol. http://lazyasses.co.cc/ If you go to my forum, it would be http://lazyasses.co.cc/forums and if you go to my download page, it would be http://lazyasses.co.cc/downloads.html and so forth. Once you register at byethost, log into your cpanel and click "sub domain" and its self explanatory there. If you have any questions, ask me.
  3. @Sk3wer: > I Don't smell fail, I smell ignorance of the gaming industry. I Smell Star Wars Galaxies, a game which has been up and running for around 5 Years and still going strong. > > But you know that's just me. Touche, and there's the upcoming BioWare MMORPG setting 500 years after KOTOR II.
  4. Andiii

    DotA anyone?

    Yea, I know… I just wanted to know if people were interested in playing dota with me... Someone please delete all those irrelevant posts.
  5. Andiii

    DotA anyone?

    @Boneimus: > Uh oh. I am lol, and what's EM?
  6. Andiii

    DotA anyone?

    FT since it's updated there. I'm not sure if RoC is updated.
  7. Andiii

    DotA anyone?

    @AdrianC: > I don't because unless you know the skills of each hero by hart, and maybe 1000 strategies, oh yeah, and the prices of every single item in the game, you get called a noob and eventually get kicked. > > Not a bad game tho True, true, but I usually play all-pick and choose the heroes I like, so I don't have to remember much lol.
  8. Andiii

    DotA anyone?

    Lol. I started playing 2 yrs ago for like a few days, but my copy was buggy, so I finally resumed last week. Still a noob though… GOD, the pain. "You Noob! GTFO, WTF NOOB, STOP FEEDING NOOB, NOOB" I hope I don't become that lol.
  9. Andiii

    DotA anyone?

    I was wondering if everybody plays DotA here, and if you're interested, but does not have a copy, I can help get you one. I'm currently playing with my friends on Garena instead of Battlenet, but it is still fun.
  10. That's the standard animation. Walking uses the first two frames, and attacking uses the third. You can edited the source to get the proper walking. I think MrMiguu posted a tutorial, so you should search for "Proper Walking" I think.
  11. You should try to have more blends for the grass. Hope that you're sprite is not the official one because it does not fit the tiles. The trees are too small, or the sprite is too big.
  12. I always use google, but when I look for stuff that I have to download, I search it with yahoo because it actual warns if the website has a virus or not.
  13. @DrNova: > Community sucks > Gameplay idea not bad > Gameplay implementation, horrible > Magic system, poor > Sounds, ungodly aweful > Community, terrible > Communiy, bucket of old dogshit All true, but I loved their quests. It was better than WoW's and others because theirs were usually fetch quests and kill quests.
  14. @Kreator: > Wtf. Anasky your lucky you got such a nice response from Robin. If you pm'd me asking for graphics and shit I wouldn't be very appreciative. Everyone seems to expect help from Robin, without realizing he has his own projects, as well as his own real life issues. Just because he is an epic games developer doesn't mean he has unlimited amount of time and help available. Took the words out of my mouth lol. I don't understand why people do not understand this concept.
  15. NICCCCCCCCEEEEEEESSS!!! I love the style. Really reminds me of Ambardia, in a good way too.
  16. @Elder: > Eclipse only takes 32x32, blowing up a 16x16 tile to that size doesn't mean it wasn't originally 16x16\. Don't Female Dog at me. How is that bitching? Calm down jeez. Anonymous people these days.
  17. @anasky: > Well, so am I… > I've waited a month, after a few polite messages, and he just doesn't responds. And now, after letting me wait that long, he just doesn't want to help me... > So, yea, I'm complaining. > > * * * > > He wrote that he blocked a load of people b/c they keep on asking him for coding, gfx, etc. This is the internet, if you want someone to help you, you have to give something in return. Also, he does not want to waste his time on a game/games that look like shit(no offense to anybody) and it turns out later that it will not be released. Especially those newcomers: OPEN BETA SOON, 20 MAPS, MIXED TILES, FEATURES ARE SPRITES, GFX, SHIT. Now if you want him to help you, look at your game, and see if it really deserves it. > Anasky
  18. @Elder: > I think I rather like the 2x than your work. I'm sorry, but pokemon wasn't meant to be larger than 16x16 tiles. Then you should like the original than the 2X.
  19. Andiii

    My Grahpic.

    Nice try for your first time, but its every bad in may ways. I guess you just used the brush and scribbled on. You should zoom in and use the pencil tool and "pixel" it one at a time. Btw, pixel means the smallest component of an image. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pixel
  20. The first one is okay, but the second one is really bad. Buttons should not be square within a square. Try using frames, opacity, color burn, etc. It looks really nooby.
  21. Niceeeeeeeeee. Yea, too bad EE doesn't have proper animation yet( I heard they will, don't quote me on that). I like that model and ship, it looks really nice and slick. Btw, please stay on topic… Nobody has been rating or discussing his GUI unless you count the authenticity of it. @Anarky77: > Sorry for double post, im a lazy bastard. > > not so hard to get in game graphics to match, but the EE engine is not equipped for decent animation - 3D render work alot better on VBGores GRH system where you are not limited by sprite size. I use Maya , Fragmotion and 3dSmax die rigging - but whats the point on a 32x32 or 32x64 sprite? if you dont AA the things they are too pixely, and if you do, they are too blurry even at 1xAA. > > eg. herre is my naked body paperdol sprite, but i have to cut 90 percent of the anim out for EE unless i can figure out how to adapt the source to accommodate such lengthy anims. > ![](http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm241/Geoffro69/walk_south_ES.png) > ![](http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm241/Geoffro69/a1.gif) > > Im not sure about the sprites yet - most of them are going to be space vehicles . > This is a side view.. havent figured out the best sizing for the small ships… > > ![](http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm241/Geoffro69/mat2a.jpg)
  22. @Anarky77: > I think you need to re-do the entire interface, it looks like every other small cutesy home made mmo out there. Lol. The GUI is better than most orpg games out there and here. I "cutesy" fits. Harvest Moon games are "fun."
  23. Its still good, really good. I can draw, but I hate doing digital art. So long unless you have a palette to draw on, those are nice.
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