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  1. @crzy: > There really isnt a good Pokemon ORPG that i've ever played or seen. So there for my with all the screenshots and news he has given, he has set my expectations for his game and im sure with what he has shown it will meet/ exceed them. I was just making a joke. You're not the only one excited to play this game ^^
  2. @Cyrus: > I love how you mention pokemon cyrus online once in a while :) Thank you! Negative comments are comments as well I guess? :p Nothing wrong with you as a programmer Cyrus, just don't like the things that have been there since the start (such as the battle screen).
  3. @crzy: > Sweet. Don't rush zesh. And no matter what the game will meet my expectations. That'd mean you have no expectations at all???
  4. It was ment supportive haha. Pokemon Cyrus uses a shitload of Windows Forms, which is simply horrible. They might make a bit of a better game if they put that back in, but until then… -shivers-
  5. Pokemon Cyrus giving Zesh competition? That joke just made my day xD
  6. Another quick note on the back-ups, keep them numbered and never delete any. I made that mistake once, and gotten to a point where I had overwritten my back-ups, but couldn't get a certain later-appearing bug out (which made me HAVE to start from 0 again (custom engine))
  7. You should update your Progress image ^^
  8. Even people with 0 posts can be epic staff members, although that's quite different for programmers since the Eclipse Source is a way of programming on its own rather then just having to know VB6. And you really should place as many useful information as you can Pain, since that's the easiest way to get more (both quality-wise and quantity-wise) staff members. Good luck
  9. I quit VB6 years ago, but why on earth would a good programmer join your team, without knowing ANYTHING about what he'll be programming for? Besides, most good programmers already are on a project…
  10. After a long time and quite a few fails at other games, I decided to bring Chricic back to life! Chricic used to be a turn-based Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, and it will be again! The engine is customly built by me in the newer version of VB6: VB.net. The game will be ready for an alpha launch within 2 months, and it will be open to a small amount of people. I am posting here because of the high need of 2 spriters. We have to get at least 50 fronts, backs and overworlds of chricics (the monsters in the game) and at least 10 fronts, backs and overworlds of the players. The game will have an item mall and the profit will be shared based on dedication and performance. I currently do not any screenshots, but that will not take long.
  11. I used to play till last year. Only played 2.5 years in total though xD I had this pretty funny deck where I (literally) disabled your monsters :D A continious spell allowing me to summon a 1/1 green elf every time a -1/-1 token has been placed on a creature. Another one allowing me to place a -1/-1 token on a creature every time a creature holding one died. A monster disallowing all your monsters to attack, block, … as long as they have a -1/-1 token. And another 3/3 monster which would come into play with 2 -1/-1 tokens, with the special ability to: Unflip, 1 water: Move one -1/-1 token from one creature onto another creature. See the point? xD Your monsters would just be disabled :D Anasky checks out.
  12. Guess I'll have to do it there then… Why on earth did I start my own engine? lol Oh yeah... VB.net xD
  13. Is it allowed to reply in 'Need A Job?' for an non-eclipse based game?
  14. I'm trying to set up my own VPS. Out of your post… you're saying you've got better for a lower (or equal) price?
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