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  1. Oizumi03

    Server Error

    It's only when it's booting up. I have not edited any scripting. I'm currently using Windows XP.
  2. I'm not quite sure what you mean, is this Eclipse related or HTML?
  3. Oizumi03

    What's best?

    [email protected]УvøgêÑ: > QFE. I do nearly everything in MS paint. Teach me! D:
  4. Oizumi03

    Server Error

    Occasionally, particularly when I'm AFK for a while or I reboot my PC, I get either two errors when trying to load the Server. One: RTE -2147024770 (8007007e), or two: Error loading script. It's come down to where just about every 10 minutes or so I have to re-do all the steps for the Library Files. I had this problem earlier, but fixed it, and I found a temporary fix but I have to use it every 10 minutes or so. My guess is that my computer is deleting these unknown files (the library files) at certain points, I just don't know why or how. Edit: I think it may have to do with my Firewall (not windows's built in one). I use AdAware and it has a program called AdWatch that acts as my computer's firewall. I'm experimenting with how to solve this. If anyone has any help or suggestions, please let me know.
  5. Oizumi03

    What's best?

    I hate making sprites (tiles, etc), I can't find VB6, I'm amateur at best with Flash. =/ I actually program better than anything. All my spells work, I have AI for bosses with their own skills. Custom class advancements, etc.
  6. There's a whole stickied thread on it in this VERY forum. How did you miss it? It says in bolt lettering: Port Forwarding
  7. Rydin, that doesn't make any sense.
  8. Use your search button. IP Port Forwarding Or just look in the question forum stickies, it's right there.
  9. Oizumi03

    IDE crash

    What's wrong with the search button for you? I'm guessing that maybe a setting on your computer might be interfering with the Server.exe.
  10. I'm not sure, but you may have to forward your ports. Also, make sure your client's data.config and your server's data.config (they might be named different, I have no idea what they're really called since I don't use Eclipse anymore) are syncronized in Ports and IP address.
  11. Oizumi03

    Server Load Up

    I just had to reboot my pc, fixed it all.
  12. I request a ban on lilcheetah's account. >.> This is the 3rd (from what i've found in the forum) question that he couldn't understand what anyone meant. Unless he explains that English is not his main language, I concur he is mentally challenged.
  13. Oizumi03


    F-lock is on certain keyboards, mine used to have it.. gotta knew one. ANYway, he needs to log out and shut the server down, then it will work.
  14. Oizumi03


    Aren't skills and spells bugged anyway?
  15. You have to make an account first (that's an old tutorial) and it's in your Server folder, not client.
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