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  1. Mulkaar

    My Graphics

    The normal tileset is so nice! The way you did the house is nice but everything looks good.
  2. Mulkaar

    Some slym art.

    @Marsh: > Welcome back man, good to see you come back with some greatly improved skills :) Eclipse could use some more proper graphic designers. :'(
  3. Mulkaar

    Some slym art.

    Jeff, lolwut? Slym mate nice to see your newest stuff, the website/port looks nice and I agree with ICT, I like the platform tiles. Are you back or just visiting for some comments?
  4. ![](http://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/files/imagehost/pics/b1b388622d574079ab2aed35e29d5d88.png) Necropost Gaming is a group of indie game developers looking to bring innovative new games to the public. The group was first formed by George Allen (myself) and a fellow member of the Eclipse Forums called Alex. We had decided to start creating games a year or two ago and played around with the Eclipse engine. After a while we settled down and decided to start creating 'branded', so to speak, products of our own. Starting with a rogue-like dungeon crawling ORPG named Horde we hope to hit game developing straight on. At Necropost Gaming we are a friendly group seeking the new and best talents around the internet. We enjoy playing games like Alien Swarm or TF2 in between developing. We like to have a laugh but when it comes down to creating good games we know we will not fail. Although the group has just begun we see no problem we diving straight into the deep end and beginning game development straight away. What we can offer: **+A friendly small staff base** -We enjoy each other’s company and hope to expand to a group of around 3-6 members of staff. **+Confident and innovative game developers** -With around 4 years of experience in the 2D Online and Offline Game Engines and Game Development Alex and I can offer a stable and well structured game development team What we are looking for: **+Coders** -We are looking for someone who knows good Visual Basic 6 Coding; knowledge of C++ is a major bonus. We are not only looking for a good programmer but one who can create shortcuts, reduce lag and has a sense of overall creativity. **+Artists** -We are looking for one or two artists who can adapt their styles but at the same time produce unique work and undertake instructions well. We are looking for an artist skilled in at least 2 of these fields: Pixel Art Graphic Design Concept Art **+Additional Skills** -Although these sections aren't our priority right now we are always looking for new talents and we are always happy to have a look at your skills and reply to your emails. If you are confident and believe to be more or less talented with any of the below then contact us (at the bottom) Website Programming (PHP, HTTP, CSS) Programming (Java, Flash etc.) Game Development/Team Management Skills (We are generally looking for this as an additional skill to any others rather than to be the main applying skill but if you believe you have what it takes give it a shot.) Necropost Gaming is an indie company and therefore at this moment in time we believe in creating all our games free of charge, we do not pay members of staff our group is purely for learning and for the pure enjoyment of bringing happiness to the PC gaming community, so please do not send us emails saying I will sell you tilesets, code etc, we are looking for dedicated persons who are willing to give their free time to create games. **Please do not reply with your resume here,** please send me an email with examples of your work, try to make it stand out as we will be picking out the best of the applicants to interview via Windows Live Messenger/Ventrilo. We have already received around 20 emails that have been unsigned and contain insufficient contact details. Please make sure your email contains: Your Name, Your Age (Age is not necessarily of major importance) Examples of your work. and a bit about yourself and where you stand in the game developing scene. Sincerely, George Allen, _Necropost Gaming._ **Contact: [email protected] Email subject: "Necropost Gaming Resume" or similar.**
  5. @Chief: > Sometimes Dithering isn't necessary with some pieces, as the detail itself is what colours it, etc. Too many new pixel artists make the mistake of thinking that its needed, or else its not pixel art. this is totally a lie, and is dependent upon style, the piece, the size of the piece, etc. Unless going for a simple style or a very close colour palette dithering is often needed. Look at his tileset, the amount of pillow shading there is terrible, he just needs to establish a light source, colour and dither. Dithering may be mistaken to beginners as the only way to colour that's not what I said, I said read some tutorials.
  6. Have a look at some basic pixel art tutorials before you try to delve into creating such big works. You have pillow shaded a lot of pieces, there seems to be no evidence of dithering and your colours are too saturated. Read some Lineart and colouring tutorials too. But keep practising!
  7. Mulkaar

    Jesus Christ

    I prefer PC. And yeah I would love to buy a PC for less than £100 and build it up.
  8. Awesome you could use it for a 2D RPG but not for an ORPG just wouldn't work.
  9. @Socuine: > Lol, honestly, I don't care if it irritates you, him, or somebody else. Using the word Pixelator is my own damn business. So unless you have something useful to say, get lost. :c Jesus Christ! Calm your highness.
  10. Alright cool as long as you know that, every piece of artwork big or small bump it into your portfolio too yeah?
  11. Mulkaar

    Jesus Christ

    The topic is not about people hating macs. Jesus read it. The topic is about why I (MYSELF, A SINGLE PERSON) hates my mac because of the irregular hardware and shitty gameplay on games.
  12. Wraith if you want anything to do with gaming as a job that involves art its almost imperitive that you can show some of your art in action, having an actual game made by you in your CV will boost it up it's the difference with an A and an A* don't give these out. Make a singleplayer RPG in your spare time.
  13. Mulkaar

    Jesus Christ

    It was a gift so i had no choice but Jesus Ive started saving for a Gaming Comp.
  14. Sounds awesome! By far the best sounding yet! I thought your album was a great buy been listening non stop you've got me hooked Beau ;D
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