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  1. wazzyl

    An idea

    i have an idea for Eclipse,why they dont make a some kind op helpdesk in your language if you need some help with programming cause im not good in scripts so maybe they have tuturial for me where i can create something for my online game.
  2. wazzyl

    Starters Position

    i want to make a starters position when you have created account but where i can find it to make that? for the rest i have also a big question how i add scripts into EE i have the newest version of eclipse.
  3. maybe you can get it on hetzner.de its a german website but you can get the best root servers. they are 24/7!!
  4. wazzyl

    EE 2.7

    if i'm ingame my music is not high quality how i can put it on really high quality. and idk where i can find about to put monsters in this game!!. please show me some pictures.
  5. you can only do mp3 i saw, midi doesnt work!! so if its still not working please post a images where you put your music in!.
  6. Welcome people, My name is Wazzyl and in rl my name is Michael Gramberg 20 years. This is my story about Warlock Online. The Story: Its the year 1250 at a place who called Tirlock a place full of people and peace. The people of Tirlock are strange people,they dont like visitors or people from other places. But some day there was a guy in a black suite who was a stranger for the people from Tirlock…. Not a hero but something strange they never seen before. This guy called himself the Dark Avenger. The people from Tirlock are scared for this guy,but once on a day he was gone and left the town. The people are so scared they were never leaving Tirlock, until a new hero camed into the town. Tirlock is right now a place that's scares everyone. The Dark Avenger guy saw the strange guy and told him he must leave this land of scape, but the awnser was noo. "i will never leave this place until your leaving". Dark Avenger was so angry he called his monsters and the stranger fight them all. And people came outside for this young man. The evil wizard told them to go back but they did'nt and the hero saved them and killed the Dark Avenger. and he was also gone. The people from Tirlock have changed the name from that strange guy into the Warlock, but the monsters are still coming back. Now its your turn to save this big place and beautifull landscape. I'm looking for: Script makers Quests makers GUI makers Classes maker The Programmers: Wazzyl (myself) Xeriox (a friend of me) Maverick (also a friend) High admins: Diablo D.iablo Amon Demonn Master-E NL-Power Winchester. I'm still looking for a cool team that i can really trust. Screenshots: you can see it on the warlock online website. [http://warlock-online.co.nr](http://warlock-online.co.nr) add me on my msn if you are interested in this project.
  7. wazzyl

    EE 2.7

    I have some questions: 1\. how i make the classes for my online game. 2\. how i can put monsters in the game? 3\. can i make the music in the server/client on High Quality basic? 4\. and how i can make the help characters in the game like a guild man,who can create a guild/clan for you and how they can make skills for you. Like that, and a look like RBO (Rebelion Online) its complete cool^^. 5\. and how i can make a place where people started. Maybe some noob guide helps me a bit. My server is online so that's not a problem.
  8. wazzyl


    just take some server from the web like a root server,you can install windows xp on it and put there your server on. Put the normal ip and port on it,and the job is done….your server!! its not difficult but you have to know it. :cheesy:
  9. how i an put scripts into the server at eclipse evo 2.7? can anyone explain?
  10. how i can choose characters for my friends and use it for them? an choose about the classes for other people what they can choose. i have ee 2.7
  11. close this one i will make new topic xD
  12. so please dont close this topic i will come back with a story :) you will get it
  13. i'm not so good in make story's. So how i can make a real cool story?
  14. Warlock Online is a 2D MMORPG. In the game, you can interact with friends and other players around the world, kill monsters to level up with or without a party and become the greatest warrior in Warlock. Warlock Online is designed for people 13 and above and is kept a safe environment for people of all ages to play in. The game has certain rules that each member has to agree upon registering and they are punished. for not abding by the rules. Story: (my english sucks) It is the year 1250 at warlock, some guardians who saving the earth are in deep trouble to secure the world for the evil darkness himself. Alot of people have died,some peeps called him the Warlock and he has been arrived on the Warlock world. He saved the lifes from other people. 1000 years later he's still the legend and now its your turn to save the planet. you can find the screens ons the website www.warlock-online.co.nr Greetings Wazzyl.
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