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  1. Sorry but these are the worst graphics I've ever seen. Anyone can scribble in ms paint, I doubt they are aligned to a 32 x 32 grid either.
  2. What a retarded image host. >! ![](http://i.imgur.com/6iicw.png)
  3. @Chukillz: > [http://thewickedrealms.com](http://thewickedrealms.com) lol @Chukillz: > …then yes it will be 25$ per hour with a 400$ minimum deposit... Double lol
  4. @Marsh: > Admiral and Godlord are working on a C Version. Not sure on the dev process at the moment though. @Lenton: > Of course Eclipse C will be released, lets just wait. > > ![](http://www.photographicsolutionsaberdeen.co.uk/css/images/portfolio/thumbnail_large/web0028.jpg)
  5. @Marsh: > Payday loans. They suck balls and will duck you over later. But thats later. Apply for some credits cards while the payday loan is in the bank. Problem for future me.
  6. Lenton


    Why. Just, why. Who pierced it?
  7. @Jungle: > What don't you agree with him about? Hmm, lets start with… everything.
  8. I would laugh so hard if he became your president.
  9. Lenton

    What do you think?

    Looks really good! The only 'nitpicking' improvement I can think of would be to change the outline to a very dark blue because the black seems to be out of place.
  10. Lenton

    Online ???

    @Captain: > the reason i dont want to let everyone know the real ip is for turkish hackers or normal hackers haha
  11. http://petitionbureau.org/eclipse
  12. The videos funny and she's hot but it's fake.
  13. Lenton

    Cake Versus Pie

  14. So did Dremek get mod or what?
  15. Lenton

    Dynamic ip Dyn

    All you need is a no-ip account and the no-ip client installed on your computer that's hosting the server. Then instead of using your IP from IPChicken.com, you use your no-ip address in the EO client's config. There are many tutorials on youtube that may help you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JLbSrdiJok
  16. @Lady: > That's assuming Eclipse C even comes. I haven't heard squat from that project in months. Of course Eclipse C will be released, lets just wait. ![](http://www.photographicsolutionsaberdeen.co.uk/css/images/portfolio/thumbnail_large/web0028.jpg)
  17. Lenton

    Uhmm answer please

    Service port: 7001 IP Address: 192.168.bla (From cmd) The IP address from IP chicken goes in your clients config file.
  18. If I was to make a game I would make each map 16 x 16 and then edit the engine to join the maps up so it gives the illusion of one big map. Someone really needs to do this, it would be so much better than lots of separate maps.
  19. Lenton

    Wierd Npcs

    It isn't anything to do with your internet connection if your connecting to the server locally. How old is your computer or what is its specification? Did you edit the source 2 days ago?
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