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  1. crzyone9584


    No problem man. Sorry for my late rply.
  2. crzyone9584

    The "ban wave"

    @'Link': > I mean, what if I was stalking your facebook? I'd be….. HAPPY! Seriously someone taking time out of their day to stalk me? Damn I got a new friend! In all seriousness I agree with JC. Even though I just lurk around here these days.
  3. Item1 + Item2 = Item3 So something like this would be your basic one. Please note this is not real code but just psuedo code. Though I wouldn't start going into a crafting system untill you have the basics down on basic features of a game first. ``` if item1 and item2 then giveuseritem(item3) ```
  4. OBD2 to Python is a python application built for the Raspberry Pi. It will display basic and advanced information for your vehicle. This program is based off of pi2go found at [https://github.com/kd8bny/pi2go](https://github.com/kd8bny/pi2go)The biggest difference is the interface used. I will be using tkinter where at pi2go usede QTBasic Features: Speed, RPM, Temps for oil, coolent, intake, Engine load, Setting of mph, kph, fahrenheit, celsiusAdvanced Features: MPG/LPG, Trip Distance, Engine Time, Logging to SQLite, Fuel Level, Source - [https://github.com/TheDocter/obd2py](https://github.com/TheDocter/obd2py) As of right now, the program won't read anything. I have to update the read and writes so that the correct information will be shown. I started this project as a carputer using the raspberry pi. I will be picking up a raspberry pi 2 shortly and be running this on it along with adding in support for radio reception. But that would be a whole different project. I picked this back up because I wanted to finish it before summer.. I may even transfer it to a an android app as well. Either with Kivy, python which is made for android, ios, and what not, or actually using java. I'll be porting it to droid so I can use it on my Harley as well… I do plan on getting the graphics to look a lot better as well once it all works. as well ass adding in graphs and what not.
  5. crzyone9584


    Video is private… Sorry can't watch it...
  6. Hey Andiii, I'm looking for some more work to be done for a side scrolling game. Let me know if you have time. You did great work for me in the past, I'd like to get your help again on my projects.
  7. > It's always been alive, it just takes long rests sometimes… :) Likes its website i see… lol
  8. So your game lives! Good to know!
  9. > -snip- I know what you said. I was replying to someone else. Don't like then oh well…
  10. > I'd suggest adding a secondary mode to the game to suit both types of players needs. Normal mode where it's like any MMO where when you die you respawn and hardcore mode where when you die your character is deleted. This is just so not SAO! SAO is death upon death. So keep as simple and as real as possible. You die you start all over at lvl 1 in the starting town. You 1/2 your stats or all and then you lose all but like the first 3 items in your bag.
  11. > Can u actully do that give them a force computer shut down? DO IT DO IT:P You can attempt to with some coding. But you will have to explain that it is part of the game. Not to mention a lot of people would most likely freak out and think the game is a virus. Not to mention most if not all OS these days stop forced shut downs by asking if you are sure.
  12. > Bye. Bye??? > have i returned? am i still gone? > > > > i don't know, but here i am And hey! Its you. Been a very long gime since I've been on and said hi. so hi!
  13. > I'm glad you all have your complaints to express, it just sucks that none of this is relevant to my ownership or me at all. I had nothing to do with how 4.0 was coded or why it was sold, talk to me predecessors about that. I'm just here to offer what I can from anyone willing to join the dev team. At-least be glad I've been giving people what they've been begging for. I've said for the longest time even as a staff eclipse 4.0 was not worthy any money…as to why people are acting so shocked, I might never understand. > > > > Sekaru, you're right about getting hopes up. At this point it's still my choice to make, if I'm wrong then at the end of the day I get the blame brother, but for now at-least let me try things my way. My first time in ownership, I don't know how to run things as well as Marshy dearest, but I'm learning and taking advice from just about anyone I know. It saddens me to see that all you do is actually discourage the development team instead of jumping up to help since you're such a renowned programmer. Screw what we all have said in here with all the complaining. Know the complaining isn't towards you. I think your doing a great job! You need any help just ask man. I'll give any I can.
  14. Why isn't John making Lunar any more? Did i miss something? Anywho glad you didn't ruin my birthday buy not posting it after midnight lol. Either way If i had a computer that still had vb6 on it would take a look. Also why is there no support? Is it because of how bad the code is laid out?
  15. Where is Zesh and his pokemon game! I must bother him about it… Never liked PMD games...
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