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  1. Thanks guys. Was nice seeing all your faces pop up on my facebook feed.
  2. The project had run its course. Previous generations of Eclipse had devolved in to stagnation due to inactive developers and moderators clinging on when they had no interest in the project any more. I didn't want to do the same. I handed development over to J.C, sold the rights to the project and wiped my hands clean of it all. It would be unfair of me to stick around and complain about the state of a project I didn't want to actually develop. We had too much of that before from other people. I still work on Crystalshire in my spare time, but with a job, house, car, family etc. I haven't much time to do that kind of thing. All the old friendships and teams are still around, we're just a bit more spread out due to people getting jobs, going to university and otherwise moving on with their lives. We still have huge skype conversations, we'll still get people together for gaming on the weekend and we'll constantly plan games which will never take off the ground. The medium has simply moved on to GTalk and Skype. I'll log on every few months when someone links me to a thread (like the whole J.C vs Robin rubbish) but I don't really come here any more otherwise. Anyone is free to hit me up on Crystalshire or by e-mail. It's pretty humbling to hear all the great things people have gone on to achieve with my little engine & tutorials.
  3. @Erwin: > How do you do that? Mark the boot tick in a variable. For any timer calls return the boot tick substracted from the current tick count.
  4. @Just: > It has the most impact on CS:DE from what I've been told, It boosted the FPS client side about 5 times for some people. I personally haven't found much use for it in EO, aside from the fact that GetTickCount will break a after your computer has been on for a long amount of time, and it will eventually reset and start over, resulting in it breaking every loop based function we have in EO. You can fix that by simply doing a differential check and running the timers off an unsigned data type. The rollback won't damage anything then.
  5. Go read the guide on install VB6. [Link to the guide.](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/smf2/index.php/topic,68399.msg736833.html#msg736833)
  6. The centralisation problem comes because you ported over the DX8 font width method rather than using the DD7 native to EO. ``` Public Function EngineGetTextWidth(ByRef UseFont As String, ByVal text As String) As Integer Dim LoopI As Integer 'Make sure we have text If LenB(text) = 0 Then Exit Function 'Loop through the text For LoopI = 1 To Len(text) EngineGetTextWidth = EngineGetTextWidth + LetterWidth(Mid$(text, LoopI, 1)) Next LoopI End Function Public Function LetterWidth(ByVal text As String) As Integer ' You can use this function to specify the width of each letter you'll be using, if unspecified space will be 4 pixels. Select Case text Case "!", "1", "I", "i", "|", "l", "¡", "'", ".", ",", ";", ":" LetterWidth = 2 Case Else LetterWidth = 4 End Select End Function ``` Remove all that. Replace all calls with getWidth(). Pass through the DC and the string as the parameters. Will perfectly centralise everything.
  7. It simply removed a bodged FPS-based movement modifier that someone made a while back. Ignore the bloke with the gold name. This system works fine as it's the default movement system used in every single Mirage-based source ever. We tried something new and it didn't work. That's it.
  8. @Joost: > /strokes beard Sup bro. Hit me up on GTalk or something sometime. Haven't seen you for years.
  9. @MrMiguu: > *Waits for the admin panel to be updated visually* (it's still basic VB6 GDI) Gonna be waiting a long while, then. I retired a good 18 months ago.
  10. @jcsnider: > -snip- ![](http://i.imgur.com/AsDHq.gif)
  11. Don't get other people to do something if you can learn it yourself. Origins is an entry point in to the industry. Learn everything you can about it, including programming. If you go around asking people to join your team when they know more than you do then you'll be sorely disappointed. Would you join the team of someone who has considerably less experience than you? Didn't think so. Just because this is the internet doesn't mean general life rules don't apply. Good programmers are one of the most sought after commodity on this forum. If you learn how to do advanced systems then you're going to have _everyone_ trying to get you to join their projects and plenty of people throwing money at you. Why would they join your team when they can work for someone else with considerable financial backing?
  12. @Justn: > I looked at ur project and I noticed that most of your playermsgs don't show up.. > examples: welcome message , number of players online, message when u warp maps, notification when learning a spell, all resource related messages and others.. some do work like ur map msgs and "invalid trade target". I'll keep looking but not really sure what to look for now :\ maybe someone can point u where to correct this Sounds like a packet issue, then. You probably screwed up the header enumeration so they're not synced. This'll cause all kinds of problems.
  13. @i: > I think its chrome. It happens on my family computer, school and my own computer. Yet IE and Firefox doesn't do it. Does it just fine on Firefox both at home and at work. What the hell are you doing?
  14. @Noth: > Robin, that looks awesome. Did you ever end up completing it? And thanks Andi! Got all the farming things working. They're easy. It was just a case of making instancing and eventing which was way beyond me at the time. I'm still planning on adding a similar system to Crystalshire for farming.
  15. I remember making something like this. God I feel old sometimes. 2005/2006. ![](http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e112/Kite_Minase/In-gameGUIWood.png)
  16. How is it a problem showing globally? Works just fine. The only issue Origins has in this regard is that the server will not send out the attacking packet if you're not actually attacking anything. Move the attack packet to the start of the battle logic so it doesn't get skipped on an early exit and it should work just fine. Showing things 'globally' is just a case of keeping people's clients synced whilst keeping data usage to a minimum. It's a juggling act, but not a hard one.
  17. INI should only be used for dynamic file flow or manual editing requirements. It should also be cached 100% in memory.
  18. Make a new thread. Origins didn't exist back then.
  19. Chrome is more streamlined than Firefox. It's just a matter of time before all the bells and whistles get tarted up as well. Until then I'll stick with Firefox, but if you've ever used it in a professional environment then you'll know that the stability and performance is lacking.
  20. Please don't do that. Some things need it.
  21. Once the Chrome plugins I need for web development and adblocking have matured to the level of the Firefox ones I'll jump ship.
  22. Calculations are based on pixels. Make sure you haven't changed measurement properties of the various controls to 'twips'.
  23. Robin

    Eclipse Teamspeak

    ![](http://i.imgur.com/DVpOk.png) **1.** Download the client here: [http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads](http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads) **2.** Install & Run. **3.** Connect. ![](http://i.imgur.com/y3J4g.png) **4.** Fill in details. _Server IP:_ ![](http://i.imgur.com/AKh8h.png) **5.** Bug me about Origins. ![](http://i.imgur.com/nNogV.png)
  24. Ventrilo > Teamspeak. Get some regulars and I'll appear from time to time.
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