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  1. @Making:

    > is there any tutorials on here on how to program with visual basics? preferably for eo?

    EO is very new so no, and learning VB6 would not be done here. You would need to use Google to find tutorials. The basic knowledge of VB6 can be used to EO easily.

    You can learn some things here, but if you want to learn how to use the program well you should look elsewhere.
  2. The best one I have used is the Xtremeworlds splitter to be honest, but you can use my edit of the EO splitter. It will only cut 1 row, so the rest of the width would not be used.

    You would need to manually edit the image to have 32 width and the height being a lot longer.

    Check resources and look for the converters thread.
  3. @silentdemonic:

    > So - Little backstory on this but Ill keep it short and sweet:
    > You date a girl who at first seems to be matched and ideal personality wise you both get on and share enough with each other for it to be happy times. However the years go on and you begin to notice that your personality types have split and gone into opposite directions, while you are a calm, reluctant to argue person, she has turned into a short tempered, weed dependant person.
    > Now the dilema is in you love this person but not IN love with their current self. You can not tell if its you that has changed or them or both and you feel like your love for them has not vanished but rather being stored elsewhere unknown.
    > My Blowup Doll at first was a pretty Dark person this was what enabled us to get on so well and share interests the parent of our relationship if you will, now she has brightened up and acts angelic whilst harboring cruel intent and a weed dependancy (im not talking your few spliffs a day thing here :-\).
    > One part of me being 24 tells me to get the heck out of this, no longer in love forget it, the other part says stay things will work out.
    > I begin to then question how I ended up with her, what was the thing that attracted her to me and if it was now absent was that the cause for her change towards me.
    > So puzzled, frustrated and so forth I post in the shoutbox and the rest is history lol.
    > Has anyone else here been in a relationship which without them noticing their other half has just stop giving you that feeling you used to feel with them and you being resenting the relationship but at the same time dont want to leave it as things may get better?

    Try to find something you have in common with the person. I believe the joy of a relationship is learning stuff about the other person. This is why if they are very similar to you, the relationship can get boring and end in a short amount of time.

    So try to do things you wouldn't normally do, to try and find some joy in doing activities together.

    I'm not an expert at relationships, but I am a wacked up person and don't find joy in making friends. Hopefully this helps you though.
  4. Updated topic with my edit of the EO Image Splitter, and I will keep all my edits of graphic tools in here.

    - 1.0.3 Released!

    1.0.2 –> 1.0.3 (Edit by Helladen)
    - Fixed the sprites formula. It now is 100% accurate. (Used Robin's one, mine was messed up.)
    - Added where it updates properties if you change them automatically.
    - Added a little support for other types of cutting rather than for items.
    - Fixed several bugs and added more help messages.
    - Added where if you do something wrong it will reset your values.

    I also added more text to the read me file to help new people who use this tool.
  5. **Eclipse Origins Image Splitter:**

      This is my edit of Robin's Image Splitter. What I did is allow a more in-depth split of images. You can now cut them by the X and Y. I changed it to Rows and Columns to make it easier on users, and you multiply the number you enter by 32 to equal what the value of the cut is. This means that if you make something 2 by 1, it will be 64x32 ratio. Images now load when you click on the file name and the properties are updated before the image is split to allow a more precise split. There's many other optimizations I did to it, but if you want me to add more just post something here. I just started doing VB6 a few days ago, so my progress is fairly good.

      You need to make a 2nd copy of your items manually for this to work right. This is my tip, and I may later on add an option for it to draw the same image twice.

      To do this you make a extra copy of your sheet, one of them will be black, and the second one will be RGB 181 or the same color as your GUI background. There's a Image Sample in the zip file to help new people use the tool. The tool will only cut the width you tell it to, the rest of the width is discarded. You will need to make the sheet the way the tool cuts for it to get all of the icons. Hopefully this all makes sense. It's very easy to do if you got a sheet already made.

    _The download is located below in an attachment._

    **Authors:** Robin and Helladen

    **Version:** 1.0.3

    **Open Source:** Yes

    **Language:** VB6/Visual Basic 6

    **Rpg Maker VX Converter to Eclipse Stable:**

      This converter only works with the old set-up of Eclipse, this will not make compatible sprites for Eclipse Origins.

      The only problem I have found with this converter is because the people who setup the sprites for these engines did it all jacked up. They have it all the same then the right direction is a different setup, so you have to fix 1 direction if you want to stand still when you are not moving. Robin fixed this in EO which I was impressed to see, along with 3 frame movement.
    _The download is located below in an attachment._

    **Author:** Vaughand Hilts

    **Language:** C#/C Sharp. (2008)

    **Open Source:** No

    **Version:** 1.0.2

    **Requirements:** Framework 2.0

    **Do I have the source:** I used to, but not anymore.

    **What working formats does this use:** I know PNG works and it will automatically make the background black. I'm sure BMP works, but haven't tested it.
    **File Size:** 96x128, Rpg Maker VX's default sizing for 1 character.

    **Will this do more than one sprite sheet at a time:** Yes you put all of them in a folder, names do not matter, and it will combine them all together. It automatically has a check sum, so it will warn you if a file is not correctly sized.

    **AIO Image Splitter:**

    **What does AIO mean:** It means it is an all in one splitter, it will be able to cut most things up the way you want. Saving you hours of work!
    **Where can I get help on using this program:** There's a help page when you load it up. Just click on it and read the instructions.
    _The download is located below in an attachment._

    **Author:** Aero/Elliott Brown

    **Language:** C#/C Sharp. (2010)

    **Open Source:** No

    **Version:** 1.5.0

    **Requirements:** Framework 2.0

    **Tile/Image Joiner:**

      I will not explain how to use this tool, but it will take separate files and put them together into a sheet. It works like Robin's splitter, but it will combine the image rather than split it.

    **Language:** VB6/Visual Basic 6

    **Open Source:** No

    **Version:** 1.1.0

    **Author:** DarkLight Games

    _The download is located below in an attachment._

    Enjoy! Make sure to credit the author if you use any of these. Any other questions just post it here.
  6. There's a few things I need done, and if anyone with experience is willing to do it, add me on MSN: [email protected].

    If you don't have a way to get paid and willing to do it for some other service by me we can do it that way.

    This is what I need basically: custom website header and game icon. If you need to know the style of my website click my signature.

    I require 3 examples of work, and you must send me a screen-shot of the job then I will pay for it.

  7. Eclipse Origins they will, but it will require work on your part. Some of them and some of them won't also. EO only supports 12 frame movement, so you have to only include the ones the program uses or program more in yourself.

    Sorry if this is a necro post. :p
  8. - (RTE 9) This appears when you right click and try to do one of the functions in the player console on a blank line. It could be considered a bug, but not sure. This could be done accidentally, so I think it should be fixed.

    - (RTE 6) This happens if you spam cast a AoE spell for awhile. It isn't at first, but eventually it will say overflow.

    - (RTE 9) Subscript out of range. This happens when you are online and you try to restart the server. This happens at the last second of the restart right before it shuts down.
  9. Alright sorry.

    But I did notice that if you have an editor open and you log out to the menu it doesn't close them. It only closes them when you completely close the client.
  10. - I think [Map], etc should have a space after the player's name between the message. It just looks cleaner in my opinion. Easily fixed, but thought I'd share my thought of it.

    - The target system if you target yourself it says your name, it should say yourself or something similar.

    - The map editor when you click shop there's no way to get out of the menu unless you accept a shop, but I think there should be a cancel button.

    - There needs to be a admin menu slash command. You can use this code if you want, or write your own. Easy implementation.


        Case "/ap"

              If GetPlayerAccess(MyIndex) < ADMIN_MONITOR Then
                            AddText "You need to be a high enough staff member to do this!", AlertColor
                            GoTo Continue
              End If

                    frmMainGame.picAdmin.Visible = Not frmMainGame.picAdmin.Visible
    - No character selection form.

    - The drop form, esc and enter do not work and it should set your cursor's position there automatically.
  11. Three things I noticed with trade, but it looks really awesome.

    - Capitalization on it looks off, offer on Derrick's side should be upper case and no period. The box is a little off on the edges, the left edge is has a little more room than the right edge of the menu for trade. Other than it seems good. :)

    (The left side is 1 pixel wider than the right side)

    - Also off topic, but I think [Map], broadcast, etc there should be a space after that before the name. It looks cleaner in my opinion.

    - The target system if you target yourself it says your name, it should say yourself or something.
  12. He's probably aware of this.

    - When you logout the map editor doesn't close. (Maybe other editors)

    - The Morals in the map properties, the scrollbar should be the maximum morals.

    - The music shouldn't be named music 1, 2, etc, and use names instead to be friendly to users.

    - The music that plays when you load up the client, there should be an option to turn it on or off if there isn't already and in the config.ini to change the music.
  13. Robin a quick tutorial I did for people that use netbooks add it if you want. Would save me work on putting it back in later.

    Some people like to use slash commands as well.


          Case "/ap"

              If GetPlayerAccess(MyIndex) < ADMIN_MONITOR Then
                            AddText "You need to be a high enough staff member to do this!", AlertColor
                            GoTo Continue
              End If

                    frmMainGame.picAdmin.Visible = Not frmMainGame.picAdmin.Visible

    Then add the command /ap to the /admin command.

    EDIT: Fixed the bug I made with access.

    Also a bug I am trying to fix right now is when your admin access is revoked the admin menu should close.
  14. Ever thought of just removing block and having directional block automatically 4 blocked. Then allow users to unblock them if they want? This would prevent users from accidentally misusing block and directional block on the same tile or whatever.

    Very nice feature, I am a big fan of Rpg Maker.
  15. @Cheshire:

    > @Robin:
    > > There source is right over there pal, have fun programming it like that.
    > Ok "pal". But don't forget that if you want more people to use your engine, maaybe you should aim at making it as "user-friendly" as possible. Not everyone can program, or want to. And besides this, I know you very well agree with what I said about rendering.  But whatever will be.

    Excuse me? BUT this engine is much easier to use than Eclipse. The only good engine on here is Robin's.

    The only two problems I encountered when working with it for a short-while was the sprites were setup differently than Eclipse. Which may be a issue to a lot of people, and the items being 64x32\. But Robin has a converter for the items.
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