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  1. Use my tutorial for Deleting Spells/Skills.


    Nice list though. :)
  2. This will fix it so you can't use stat points unless your standing still. There is a minor bug where it moves your character a little faster if you use them while walking or running.


    In FrmMain Private Sub lblTrainStat_Click(Index As Integer) add this above SendTrainStat Index:
    If Player(MyIndex).Moving = YES Then Exit Sub

  3. The resource editor stops at 16, it should be the max amount of images you have in the folder.

    I also found that the spell editor in the server there's an option if a spell isn't linked to a book, but it starts off at 1\. So it should just be removed for optimization.

    I also seen at the bottom of the spell editor if you add spell names they mix around, weird much. (255, etc)

    If you learn a spell that has no name it learns the spell still, but it saves it without being able to remove it. Not sure if this is a bug, but I tried editing the spell, but it seems to not show up.
  4. There needs to be a check if your moving and it goes left to right when it should go left to down. Up goes down when it should go left. Down goes left when it should go right.

    Edit: Nice fix. :) Besides that there needs to be a check for no moving. I will update topic with these fixes.
  5. This will add the spinning key back to frmMainGame like most of the other sources have. This will allow the end key to change your direction.


    In FrmMainGame under Form_KeyUp
    Add this below Select Case KeyCode:

              Dim OldDir

          Case vbKeyEnd
            If Player(MyIndex).Moving = NO Then
                    OldDir = GetPlayerDir(MyIndex)
                    If Player(MyIndex).Dir = DIR_DOWN Then
                        Call SetPlayerDir(MyIndex, DIR_LEFT)
                        If OldDir <> DIR_LEFT Then Call SendPlayerDir

                    ElseIf Player(MyIndex).Dir = DIR_LEFT Then
                        Call SetPlayerDir(MyIndex, DIR_UP)
                        If OldDir <> DIR_UP Then Call SendPlayerDir

                    ElseIf Player(MyIndex).Dir = DIR_UP Then
                        Call SetPlayerDir(MyIndex, DIR_RIGHT)
                        If OldDir <> DIR_RIGHT Then Call SendPlayerDir

                    ElseIf Player(MyIndex).Dir = DIR_RIGHT Then
                        Call SetPlayerDir(MyIndex, DIR_DOWN)
                        If OldDir <> DIR_DOWN Then Call SendPlayerDir
                    End If

                End If
  6. I noticed that there was no message in here, so this is just a easy fix for that.

    Edit: This will now allow a user to confirm if they are sure.


    In picSpells_MouseDown replace:
    Call ForgetSpell(spellnum)
    With this:

      If MsgBox("Are you sure you wish to forget this spell?", vbYesNo, GAME_NAME) = vbYes Then
                Call ForgetSpell(spellnum)
                picSpellDesc.Visible = False
                LastSpellDesc = 0
        End If
    ``` **Server**

    In HandleForgetSpell add this at the bottom before End Sub:

    Call PlayerMsg(index, "You have forgotten the spell in your number " & spellslot & " spell slot.", BrightRed)
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