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  1. You need to have it call a specific number for the message in a text file or something. This will require a lot of source editing. You will have to rewrite all the messages in all the languages you got and organize them into categories of numbers. That number will check the client and if the client is English then it will pick message 1 on category A for English. There is probably better methods of doing this though.
  2. @cody4camp:

    > How do I make it where players cannot block another player's pathway?

    A better way is have all entrance/exits walk through.

    For example, if a user walks at the end of the map, the properties of that tile are already able to walk through other players. This is just my opinion, but it is still the overall best way to do this.
  3. @Robin:

    > @Zetasis:
    > > I have to say out of all the cool new features the next release will have it is the Slide Attribute that I can't wait to play with most of all. As always, nice work Robin.
    > I haven't actually done the slide attribute's code yet. xD
    > That list is fairly old. I've got a lot of fixing up to do before the next release. I managed to get a day off tomorrow so I'm hoping to get a lot done.

    Take your time, I'd rather have a good release than a rushed out one. :)

    Hopefully in 1.1 there will be animations, so no more map wipes will be needed.
  4. A lot of members have to go to F2p, and its retarded we have to erase all of our items or stock banks up before members ends.

    I think the head people that run Runescape don't listen enough to players and when they do something they make it worse. xD
  5. Robin has a point though… You have to do a full fix not a half-ass fix. Half-ass fixing is worse than not fixing it at all.

    The order robin has is the order they show up in the character sheet if you didn't notice? The server side wasn't fixed, same for the inventory drawing, and many other things.
  6. They won't just make you shut it down lol. They'll sue you for everything you got and you will go to prison.

    I'm not one to talk, because I use Enterbrain tiles and sprites, but Nintendo is a lot bigger company.

    I tried the game, and found it to have a lot of bugs that bothered me. Tab stops were messed up for one, battling looks very hard for noobs to get used to, and unlike the real game.
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