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  1. I've made over 700 dollars off an XW game. You guys just don't have any marketing skills or determination on a project.

    By donations you can, but it is not easy. You have to put in far more hours of work compared to what you'll make.


    > @Chakkra:
    > > I doubt anyone would pay for an eclipse game let alone by someone who can't even spell. Sorry.
    > I MAEK GAME U PAY ME $$$$ YES??? U GET PREMUM???111

    Was that necessarily?


    > If you make complete custom graphics.

    Honestly custom graphics are great and all. But do they really make a game great? No they come last on my list.
  2. I mean. I am using VX sprites for my game and they are setup vastly different than XP. Where I ask if you will do 4 frames or 3 frames? If so would you mind adding an option for it to use 3 frames if it is 4 frames? Not that I couldn't do it myself, but it would make things easier on me in the long run.

    This option would be really simple, server side settings.ini just have where it will use 3 frames for movement or 4\. The 3 frame movement would reuse the middle animation twice. A very simple method, but would allow a easier way to use sprites for people like me who use Rpg Maker VX setup sprites.

    Thanks for any answer you give Robin.
  3. Here's some bugs with EO 1.1.0\. Some of these might be suggestions, but please don't rip me out for it. Also some of these might not be bugs, but it is good to mention them anyway just encase.

    - Get rid of the casting timer can't move and have it cancel the spell if you move.

    - Npcs damage = 0 they say block should say dodged or something else.

    - Map editor width change it to 256\. (Make the form dynamic)

    - If you cast a spell with a cool down, when you right click it will say the spell is cooling down when it clearly is not.

    - Look at my update tutorial and view what was bugged then optimize my fixes.

    - Overflow for spells if they have no cool down and you spam click them. (AoE)

    - Item editor scroll bar needs to be set to the maximum items not a preset amount.
    Item editor the icon stops at 791.

    - If you right click a spell it deletes it. There needs to be a better method
    than the error pop up to confirm if you want to delete it or not.

    - If you right click a spell when it is cooling down it will start casting it when you right click.

    - If you drag and drop on a square and its not exactly on it the item will not place.

    - If you drag the chat scroll bar the game freezes until you let it go then it resumes
    to what the game is now.

    - If you go to a screen saver or hard drive is shut off when it restores game you get RTE 91\. (Just close the client instead)

    - MP3s do not work in title or map.
  4. A majority of the reason is the combat system in ES/EE is strange. A lot of old PW fans like to play XW games because it kept the same fighting system.

    That's why I like Origins. It doesn't have the pop up text on the screen that has memory leaks.
  5. @Ramhu:

    > Well I take it that ur an asshole and dont care about other peoples work and u can just go eat XtremeWorlds  XD
    > P>S  :icon_beer:

    XtremeWorlds isn't that bad. Worked with it for years and my game is probably bigger than 80% of the eclipse games here. A flashy engine doesn't make a good game.
  6. It says. Drag them into your client folder. Look at the folder names and match them up. Its not really that hard. I included all the graphic folders.

    If you have a hard time figuring out the folders you should go back to Eclipse Stable no offense.
  7. Robin seriously shut up for once. You always act like you know so damn much.

    I by hand fixed them myself. God!

    @Last Message
    How am I supposed to know who all the authors are most of the resources don't mention who was the original author. Stop acting so horrible to people who try to give. You need to learn to be a nicer admin to people you probably throw away 30-40% of the people here from your critique.
  8. This set contains a lot of resources for EO. I will not include the source or client just the folder of resources itself. This has custom edited Rpg Maker XP tiles with a lot more color to match VX sprites I was using. It has 1000s of sprites and paper-doll items. With many different resource graphics, spell icons, and spell graphics!

    I hope some of you enjoy this and find some use for it. I posted this because I quit using Eclipse Origins, and moved on to C#. The resources are outstanding and any beginner should take advantage of this.

    The credits can be located inside the graphics folder, simply credit those listed. I may have missed some, but it is most of the authors.

    (I will not provide the sheets I splitted although except for the tiles of course)

    I may be able to work out a deal for you if you ask in a personal message.

    Simply download the item from the link below and place it inside your client folder.

  9. I've tried Karil's Crossbow. One thing I think Jagex lacks is balancing stuff. Rune C'Bow is definitely better, but the only thing I could see useful in Karil's is the speed. Although, with an offhand the C'Bow really makes you not want to use it… Ontop of the degrading aspect.

    The new C'Bow at level 80 Range/Dungeonerring probably will be good I hope.
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