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  1. Conker are you skilled enough to create full sets of resources? Like a package of many assets. Of course, you can be paid per item but would prefer if you would agree to do them all. You can get paid per item you complete though. I may be interested in hiring you in the future since I know you from past experiences.
  2. Sure people like to poke fun at me, but I am not as stupid as people think. I have improved myself considerably. Mostly thanks to Robin, Abhi, and Rory. But honestly, I always joined debates cause I like attention. Looking back at myself with hindsight, sure I was wrong a lot and not really covering up my mistakes. People generally don't believe you regardless of the viewpoint you are arguing over, whether you have all the evidence in the world or not. Humans are very biased. I learned that the hard way. ;) No point arguing over silly worldviews it is a waste of effort.

    It takes a lot to get people to actually agree with you, respect and all that nonsense which I don't care much for. But I don't go around boasting myself anymore cause people take it the wrong way. Which is why, I changed myself to just do everything better than just saying I am better.
  3. @'Mohenjo:

    > Because you're arrogant and get things wrong? Also because a lot of the trollers hate you. Just clearing up your rhetoric question, not siding with either case.


    > > I can affect other people's auras. Why do you think everyone tries to troll me.
    > Everyone tries to troll you Seth because you can't take a lighthearted joke and you're one of the biggest narcissist's on this forum.

    Nah man. You guys get trolled by me, I usually post things knowing people are going to try to troll me. I had my fun and done with it from the past couple of years. I typically say stupid things just to stir the pot and know very well, that the trolls will come. It is funny to me doing this, but I will quit it since it really serves me no more purpose anymore.
  4. No, that's called negativity. Negativity can drain your positive energy making you depressed and hate life. Some humans like me are not affected by this though, although it is not being a vampire. You are giving a fancy word for something that is just a brain disorder. I do believe some brain disorders are not bad though. I don't like being controlled by other people or being open to being controlled. Maybe it isn't even a brain disorder, it could just be a wrong name given by doctors and actually be a self inflicted treatment - you make yourself who you want to become.
  5. @'Joyce':

    > I saw, I may or may not have decompiled it. ;) And if Robin cursed at it tell him I'm sorry. :P
    > Fair enough on the CRC32! Everyone has their own preferences regarding these things.

    How did you decompile? :O I never released it to the public, maybe you downloaded it from the FTP directly. Robin doesn't mind much, he hates doing the grunt work.
  6. Yeah we refactored your updater a lot. Robin actually contributed massively to it as well. I think we're going to keep it closed-source, but I do thank you for the work. It helped get me into C#. I was on the fence for a long time messing around with the Authentication Server we had, but this really helped get me in for good. It looks almost entirely like a different program now, but it was a good spot to start off. I hate writing anything from scratch, I like a base to work with and to refactor it. We switched it from YAML to WinForms simply due to WinForms being a better choice for this type of software in our opinion.

    The reason to use CRC-32 is simply due to what we used in the past. We use what has worked for us. :P
  7. We are actually going to change SHA-256 to CRC-32\. It is a better algorithm for this type of behavior. SHA-256 is better for security though. I plan to make it look really pretty, and I may end up open-source and pushing it to your source-code branch or making a new one based on it. I will of course put you in the credits. I was planning to make the type of hashing optional - but have a CRC.php included for those who prefer to use a webserver over a .EXE. It isn't that I can't code, I just don't like to reinvent the wheel. A lot of time is wasted by people trying to reinvent the wheel instead of working together to make great projects.
  8. Thanks Joyce, we're using this for our game. I prefer C# over PureBasic, the one we had was in VB6 then we went to PureBasic and now finally to C#. SHA256 is probably way better than our old method, which was using a CRC.PHP file in the webhost that anyone could run. It was pretty unsafe if people were aware of it, they could abuse it.
  9. I think the game is okay, your name and stuff needs a lot of work (had a major bug within 5 minutes of playing where dropping an item and the event chat glitched the entire game). You also should consider adding more sprite choices and make an actual female sprite - the one you use is not female. But hey, you released a game, that's not a bad thing. My favorite part was that you had a certain tile to spawn NPCs. That's pretty clever use of tiles.
  10. If you can control Windows form resize to be a certain value for each resize then sure, otherwise no I disagree. I don't ever want to resize a form myself, it is just not good design honestly. A maximize button is good always in my opinion though, but sometimes the developer does not wish to program it in. As for my own experience, maximize has no reason to be implemented since I need to reset the client each time I go from windowed mode to full screen mode. This is due to how DX is inited. There may be a better approach to do this, but it isn't really worth the hassle. Just allow the user to config the fullscreen in the updater and you're good to go. Maximize is overrated in all honesty for these engines anyway. Stretched is ugly. My opinion comes off as truth cause I strongly believe in it. it doesn't mean you have to take what I say that way though.

    I am honestly done responding, people get too uptight. If someone came off this way to me, I just would know they felt strongly about it. You can agree to disagree, no need to get so mad or act like I am super egotistical. Everyone has their beliefs, I don't know how many times I need to tell people this.
  11. Did you release this publicly? I never said privately. I didn't say anyone did it, cause I never seen it done properly. Not saying it is impossible to do or that I am the only one able to do it. People always think I think I am better than the world, delusional individuals. I always respond with programming is one of my worst skills. It is more of a design thing. Resizing a form is messy. Most games don't allow this, they also disable the maximize button due to how poorly Windows handles WInAPI.
  12. A lot of people have done it, but they have all sucked. I never did it publicly, I did it for Nin Online. It hasn't been released yet obviously, we are working on making the GUI fit properly, since it wasn't coded right to begin with. Had to redo it and Abhi added in Robin's GUI which is not completely done either. The fullscreen system I made is where you see more tiles, I also have where the small maps center. This is the most advanced fullscreen system that exists that I know of around Eclipse.

    Windows resize is per pixel, you want to force a consistent tile resize. Basically, you don't want to allow the player to mess with the window form size, since it can be sized too small, or cause problems where certain tiles aren't completely shown. Completely shown is where, you see part of a whole tile, this is not good. You also can just setup resolutions instead. Game developers create this for a reason, it is bad for the player to have to resize the form manually to what size they want plus it is harder to do.
  13. You need to add it in if it is missing. I am not sure exactly, it is something I'd have to troubleshoot on my end to give you a straightforward answer.

    Make sure your client.vbp has this.
    Object={831FDD16-0C5C-11D2-A9FC-0000F8754DA1}#2.1#0; MSCOMCTL.OCX

    VBP do not edit OCX.

    If it doesn't, add it. Change 2.1 to 2 if you error. Make sure to reload source and don't save any changes that Visual Basic 6 makes unless it works.
  14. I am working on finishing **Eclipse Worlds** relatively soon. Never been a fan of these DirectX8 GUIs, even though **Nin Online** has one. These games in the past were good due to the simplicity and classical element in them. **Eclipse Worlds** was made for **Silverdale**, I am the co-owner of it with **Justin**. **Justin** quit game development, he now runs an entirely different business called [**British Recyclers**](http://britishrecyclers.com/) which is for cars. I am going to finish it soon, been becoming a better programmer throughout the years. I used to rely on other programmers to help me, but now I am starting to be able to do it all on my own. The reason why I did this is because, I am a developer at heart. Programming is not my favorite activity to do, but I do it cause it enables me to do what I want.
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