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  1. Buy a VPS or get someone to host it for you, no one is going to fix your Internet problems. You need to provide details and maybe someone will help you, but they won't fix it for you over the Internet.
  2. SP6 didn't work for me, I use a hacked installer, but this runtimes installer may be even better than that. I seen it on SourceForge.

    This is basically important files such as runtimes for the IDE, to make it more stable and supported.
  3. [![](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/67149765/Nin%20Online/Facebook%20Cover.png)](https://www.ninonline.org)

    The game is officially back open, if anyone wants to try it out. You can play it for free now. We're going to implement a Cash Shop within the next week or so.

    ![](https://www.ninonline.org/forum/uploads/monthly_2015_10/large.gallery_1_2_233010.png.9a863a7d74da00072752ec06b2ecb116.png) ![](https://www.ninonline.org/forum/uploads/monthly_2015_09/large.f7XNQ6Q.png.0efc111b3f0b98371da54a6c179c11af.png) ![](https://www.ninonline.org/forum/uploads/monthly_2016_02/large.HokageBuilding.png.866fb14fa86ae21970736aff1c975e04.png)

    [You can try it out here.](https://www.ninonline.org) :)
  4. @'BeNjO':

    > But yet still continues to use VB6\. You said in another thread that was deleted about moving on and going 3D and within about 2 hours of posting it you released a new update for mirage source on hitspark.

    I am using Visual Basic 6 for now. The updater I made for Nin Online is in .NET - I can write in .NET and OO too. I just have a lot of work that I would throw away if I rewrote the engine in a new language. I am utilizing my resources effectively here, not restarting when there is no need. But yes, I am moving tools and such over to .NET and getting more experienced in the language.
  5. VB6 was good for awhile, .NET has finally matured and time to move on. :P Even though the IDE sucked, the speed and performance of VB6 was better for many years after Microsoft abandoned it.

    Can't you just use a .DLL like Thomas coded in a new way to handle the tick count using timeGetTime which utilizes a new method of keeping track of the time, rather than using the plain old GetTickCount. This is also better and harder to hack I have noticed.
  6. You won't get far if you aren't a programmer or artist. This is why I became a programmer. Nin Online using an i7 processor can get over 300 players on a single server with no problem. The only issues we had were the packets being exploited and flooding the server by DoSing, and the event system has major problems with redim. Redim causes the server to break under high loads of pressure. This is why you only use redim for developer tools and not player data. Game data is fine as long as you aren't using it for events for instance.
  7. GPL means it is free to use for whatever purpose even commercial. You just can't copy it and claim it as your own. Basically games made using the editors can be commercial, the engine cannot be proprietary. I allow custom edits of the engine that can be kept private, you just can't redistribute it as your own.

    GPL license what is my intent on this license? I do not want anyone to copy the engine and make their own fork of it, you must keep your edits private and for your purpose/games only. If you wish to contribute back to the main branch, go to our GitHub repository. You may fork your own version on GitHub, but this source should not be changed to another name other than Eclipse Worlds. You cannot brand it as your own engine.

    Basically, no rebranding you can do anything you want. My wording may sound a little confusing, but it is pretty standard for GPL license.
  8. Best codebase is probably mine aside from DX8 GUI. Which I am adding in a few weeks or less, who knows I am quite slow at my updates. :P Although, my engine is notorious for bugs as well, but I am working on it. It isn't like you cannot make your game with it. It just lacks features and such, but it has a lot to offer.

    Best looking engine is Skywre Edition with one of the worst codebases to build off of.

    Best base engine is EO 3.0 with Events, even if they are buggy and will make your server crash if you get 300 players like Nin Online did, but the system is useful to make a good game.

    Base engines are more stable usually also - they don't have as many features. You should find a programmer your game will always have bugs without a programmer.
  9. I have thought much about how everyone is going out to create their own engine, no one has really got any results even with engines fully completed. Times have changed. Engines are a thing of the past, we now have engines like Unity and Unreal, the time of plugins is here. No need to reinvent the wheel. I am going to start on a Unity plugin to replace Eclipse Origins.
  10. ![](http://i.imgur.com/S3jF4w2.png)

    **Silverdale Online Classic** features four unique classes, each having their own Equipment and Skills. We try to keep all the classes very different, that probably makes some classes a bit harder to play than others, but they all should have they're own advantages and flaws.. The game also features alot of Bosses which drop unique drops.. To make the game more enjoyable we make special events now and then, which gives players currently playing a chance to get Special events only available through the event. The game will also feature Trading Skills and other activities other than increasing your level.

    ![](http://i.imgur.com/q1t2RnW.png)  ![](http://i.imgur.com/IbhTKCQ.png)

    ![](http://i.imgur.com/0sXP5bc.png)  ![](http://i.imgur.com/jerHN3O.png)

    ![](http://i.imgur.com/ndqqeeu.png)  ![](http://i.imgur.com/CK7HVxr.png)

    ![](http://i.imgur.com/NKjcj54.png)  ![](http://i.imgur.com/N4aZ1L5.png)

    What changes have been made from the old version?

    * Uses Xenforo rather than MyBB for online account.
    * Fixed a bug with login that would stop menu music. Also, changed the links on the menu buttons to go to my site rather than Skideria.
    * Changed menu music and a few tracks from the maps to the older music found in the much older Silverdale before Justin took over as owner.
    * Faster leveling with a default of 5x experience boost that will be kept on forever.
    * 2.5x more Gold from mobs.
    * New installer with built-in runtimes installer post-install. I didnt want to recreate the runtimes for this specific game, since it was already made by someone who wrote the engine.

    The game is completely free to play with no cash to experience it completely. All you have to do is register on my site.

    Justin has given me the game to take control of and do with as I please. I plan to make it better than it was designed to be, since I love the idea of Silverdale and never wanted to quit making the HD version.

    **Try to enable DirectPlay in your Windows Features if you get lag.**

    [**You can play the game by going here.**](http://www.hitsparkinteractive.com/resources/silverdale-online-classic.5/)
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