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  1. Well yeah, writing a binding is hard. I wasn't saying it wasn't. I can't do it. :P I see bindings being written for language translation mostly, such as MonoGame bindings for Cocossharp. I just had no clue what the bindings actually were, I suppose it is just a translation layer or something to allow it to be used natively in the language's syntax. It still confuses me. Must be really high up in CS.
  2. This looks pretty impressive actually. Although, this graphics API is not that useful since it does not support mobile devices. How come you had to write bindings for it? I am just curious. Can't you load the C .DLL inside the project and use them? What I read it seems like the binding allows you to use it in WinForms/WPF. Maybe there's more to it than that.
  3. Generic game engines like Unity have terrible workflow for 2-D games. You have to spend 100s of dollars to make it worthy workflow. Where using an existing middleware engine with a custom toolset can save 100s of dollars plus have a better workflow. I honestly feel like this is better in most cases. Game Maker workflow is incredibly slow. I could never deal with the room system. Game Maker is good though for developers, who barely know how to program.
  4. Yeah Marsh I mean, the workflow of the development process is pretty good in Eclipse and RPG Maker; although Game Maker is really slow in my honest opinion. The way rooms and sprites are created and organized. The same for Construct 2\. I feel like creating your own workflow and engine using existing technologies is better though as a professional. You shouldn't program it all yourself, but you should use an open-source solution and create your own toolset which fits your game as well as make the client fit exactly what you want your game to be.
  5. Why making a generic Mirage-based engine is not a good idea in 2016. A lot of game engines are starting to appeal to the mass market of developers, you got the really good developers using middleware software such as Nez, etc., but an engine like Eclipse, RPG Maker and even Game Maker is really outdated in this day and age. We're really starting to see engines to build up from rather than build down from. It is much slower to use a game engine like Game Maker to make a game, than to code your own game using a middleware software and framework. This is due to the workflow of these game engines being really slow and redundant, they do the job good for newbies, but for pros they do the job slow and terrible. There's a reason no games were ever really released with success in Eclipse. These game engines appeal to the lower crowd of inexperienced developers. I talk a lot in RPG Maker too about this, the developers aren't good, because they don't test their limits and rely on other people to do the work for them. Any thoughts to add or disagreements?
  6. Helladen

    Update on the site

    I am open to do it if you want. I'd even be as much to present you with a rough sketch before payment. Can't believe so many programmers aren't finishing jobs, especially paid work.
  7. You can add me on Skype via Helladen. Make sure to provide specifics.
  8. Eclipse survives off illegal resources. I know that, but we shouldn't be releasing DLC for free, the engine resources are bad but this is just too low for even Eclipse.
  9. These are DLC for RPG Maker MV. Giving you them is kind of illegal.
  10. I looked at the source-code, it doesn't seem to be properly coded in OO programming. I also think RPG Maker VX is really old now, might want to look into moving it to MV.
  11. The attitude is wrong is all. I tried to help fix the direction, not worth the trouble though.
  12. Skyward reminds me of myself years ago, when I was bashing Eclipse direction. ;) You guys even if 2-D games are dead, especially MMOs - don't mean there isn't a big enough demand. You can make a 2-D MMO that generates income to feed you and a family of 5\. You just got to be good enough and make it work on mobile. Simply put.
  13. Wedding in games kind of are a RP way of getting married, if this happens I am sure the next step is to get married IRL. It is sort of a nerd type experience.
  14. Helladen

    Yuko banned.

    I wil tell her to take the site down and purge the files, if she keeps this up we will remove her from Nin Online team.
  15. Krita is good for digital painting. It also has the best PSD support next to Photoshop (yes I know Photoshop made PSD don't correct me please). No commercial software even comes close and it is of course made by KDE which is open-source. https://krita.org/ Plus it is free. Not sure what type of art you want to make - the style to speak.
  16. Nin Online has hit 300 player peaks. With over 10k members and is based around Eclipse. I think that is considered MMO, just people are throwing around 1,000 players and all that. I can make the server hold 1k easy anyway. Making a game or franchise from scratch is an expensive endeavor. Finding something that isn't done yet and making people want to go to it, is hard. Only few people can do this and why most people end up making clones/fangames since they are easier to make/attract fans in an existing franchise. So what to do? You got to try to be as different as possible or make a game that you always wanted to be made into a videogame for fun (hope other people like it) and adjust it slowly to be your own work rather than a game made from an existing piece of art that you ripped of off. That's what we're doing.
  17. Helladen

    Server Hosting

    I can host your server for $5/m.
  18. Using that many layers is just stupid.
  19. Welcome to the Legends. Where the mighty fall. ;) Robin told me that once you leave Eclipse and go somewhere more serious like a programming job, you realize how noob you really are. That shows that most of us suck and don't even know it yet. You still got a long ways to go to become a real programmer, just like I do. :P
  20. Buy a VPS or get someone to host it for you, no one is going to fix your Internet problems. You need to provide details and maybe someone will help you, but they won't fix it for you over the Internet.
  21. SP6 didn't work for me, I use a hacked installer, but this runtimes installer may be even better than that. I seen it on SourceForge. This is basically important files such as runtimes for the IDE, to make it more stable and supported. https://sourceforge.net/projects/vb6extendedruntime/
  22. We're still working out crash bugs, I am close to having them all worked out though.
  23. Dropbox, share client files and the server hosts the data files.
  24. [![](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/67149765/Nin%20Online/Facebook%20Cover.png)](https://www.ninonline.org) The game is officially back open, if anyone wants to try it out. You can play it for free now. We're going to implement a Cash Shop within the next week or so. ![](https://www.ninonline.org/forum/uploads/monthly_2015_10/large.gallery_1_2_233010.png.9a863a7d74da00072752ec06b2ecb116.png) ![](https://www.ninonline.org/forum/uploads/monthly_2015_09/large.f7XNQ6Q.png.0efc111b3f0b98371da54a6c179c11af.png) ![](https://www.ninonline.org/forum/uploads/monthly_2016_02/large.HokageBuilding.png.866fb14fa86ae21970736aff1c975e04.png) [You can try it out here.](https://www.ninonline.org) :)
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