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  1. cheatking


    I was away to post that :(
  2. cheatking

    Map Outline

    @Keebler: > Sean i was jokeing… The point being that it is so easy you could do it yourself and save the 50 bucks. £35 is $50 :P
  3. cheatking

    Map Outline

    @Keebler: > If you give me 50 bucks. Cause depending on the size of your world it would take a while $50???? Rip off! I'll do it for £35
  4. @Hippoman: > im not very surpirsed. > > in some parts of europe, such as U.K. the legal Duck age is 13. > > but like i said, im not very surprised to see a 13 year old a dad. Its 16 in the UK http://spicybiscotti.com/uploads/2008/05/age_of_consent.png
  5. cheatking

    Shorten Download

    For the client delete the maps folder.
  6. Right I'm going to tell!!!!! Marsh is REALLY a Marshmellow! He wasen't going to say for 2 mor days.
  7. Lol it is :P BUT @The: > I like military **BASE**! the nintendo **64** was the best. Is bigger!
  8. @[SB: > [US] Mr. Tape link=topic=38478.msg369424#msg369424 date=1234474476] > really? What are you british? Scottish.
  9. I hate Voice rec. My accent ruins it for me.
  10. @Gwendalin: > yep! :P > > Your binary was crap! i know and dont understand what you were trying to type XD The text is also a language :P
  11. oracle please edit your post with binary. Strech is annoying.
  12. cndlaW5semxvIGNpb25tZSB0ZHdhb3lzLiB0d2hoYWF0dHMgbXNhYXJpc2Ro WTF? Thats part one from binary
  13. @[SB: > [US] Mr. Tape link=topic=38239.msg369364#msg369364 date=1234473180] > You actually probably wouldn't even need that many slots of most things anyways. BTW, my cpu is from 2005 and can support up to 2000 people (without crashing) > So your computer isn't a huge determining factor you got 2000 people on your server?
  14. [Npc 157] Name=LOLZOR 175 Level=5 Hp=50 Mp=10 Exp=10 Gold=3 Attack1=Tackle Attack1Strenght=5 Attack2= Smash Attack2Strenght=10 Spell1=Boom! Spell1Cost=8
  15. Ooh mysterios… what could it mean? Marsh said it isn't ee3.0 so...
  16. There is if you use run script.
  17. ye it will save Edit: please dot make useless polls
  18. I used to play wow. But couldn't be botherd with monthly fee
  19. cheatking


    Well it depends on YOU! I picked it up in a couple of days.
  20. @dray777: > i would but im a retarded 13 year old and mt family is already losing our house… Well get of the internet! Your costing your family alot. lol :P http://www.teamanti.com/rmxp/tile_sets.htm Scroll down a bit till you find them.
  21. cheatking

    Dead guy

    @Ðragon: > Lol, I might use it when I purchase a RMXP license. You do know that even with a licence you can only use RMXP RTP with RMXP. Do ya?
  22. @Agoraphobic: > Keebler how do you suggest bringing the outside to them? Plotted plants, ant farms etc.
  23. cheatking


    lol the one with no escape :P (recognise the link.)
  24. cheatking


    I edited. Happy now? No its meatspin 2.0 :P
  25. cheatking


    You REALLY dont want to know. and note the NSFW tags
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