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  1. You mean, best lurker. I haven't been active in a while.
  2. What happened to Eclipse while I was gone? o_0
  3. Doesn't Roblox use LUA?
  4. Doesn't seem to be a clusterfuck yet.
  5. ddunit

    Looking for a mate

  6. ![](http://i.imgur.com/yiqGh.gif)
  7. @Erwin: > And for being Veteran when only registered one year ago. Doesn't mean shit. People have been lurking here for ages. You're banned for being a scrub. ;0
  8. If you're going to fake something, do it properly, dammit. ![](http://i.imgur.com/EyXJn.png)
  9. ddunit

    The Game

    @Anna: > Oh god did I warp back to 2008? I better warn Obama that he will be elected and [tell him it will be the worst 4 years of his life.](http://www.theonion.com/articles/obama-openly-asks-nation-why-on-earth-he-would-wan,26933/) Glorious Onion.
  10. ddunit

    H.R. 1981

    If parents weren't so fucking stupid, we wouldn't have to worry about the "think of the children" card.
  11. I would vote, but the community changed too much for me to answer most of those.
  12. @Rithy58: > I remember when I used to play all of the FSO, even work on an FSO 1.6 with a friend once. > > Now, is this really new or it's just a game made using the closed-source engine? > > Sincerely, > Rithy It's the same thing as the original FSOS, which was made by Slim & Special. Tumbleweed, the owner of the server, is however adding a bunch of stuff with his team, including new towns, quests and a stat system. They plan on re-doing the tutorial soon enough, which is currently lacking.
  13. With only MapTool, you can do about anything.
  14. Do you have a generic design of the game? I have free time and I'm looking for a job as a mapper and this looks promising.
  15. http://downloads.agesgaming.com/fsos.rar A re-make of the old First Star Online Stratics. Bunch of new contents and stuff. The website is currently in heavy construction, so there's no screenshots or anything. Not much more to say about it. Here's the original text on the website: First Star Online Stratics is the world's first strategic party-based MMORPG. Build up your party of hirelings knights, alchemists, ninjas, rangers, wizards, necromancers, barbarians and dozens of other classes. Compete against other players, with up to 58 hirelings in a single battle. Compete in the gladiator arena to build up your reputation, or attempt to take a fortress from a rival guild. You do not need to register First Star Online Stratics to play. It is a free to play MMORPG. And screencaps: ![](http://i1-mac.softpedia-static.com/screenshots/9-1980_1.png) ![](http://i1-mac.softpedia-static.com/screenshots/9-1980_3.pngp)
  16. @Tylian!: > I know, you live in the same area as me. Remember? :P We still need to meet at some point. xD
  17. @Robin: > That's actually a stanley knife, but my God does it look like a dildo. Why would you take the pink one?
  18. ddunit


    Oh, another christmas video.
  19. ddunit

    My Gift To You

    @spork: > WRONG! This Nyan cat is user controllable and fires rainbow lasers when you press space. Oh! Goodie! A fucking controllable Nyan Cat!
  20. Looks like took the dragon (I think?) RMXP sprite and did a shitty edit of it. Edit: http://echostorms.net/Resources/Sprites/64x64/64x64%20(1).bmp You can see the orange dragon in there.
  21. I torrent all the time. No records on me. Lmao.
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