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  1. Lol that ain't me bro. Welcome back Ambard, gl on your project :)
  2. ![](http://i.imgur.com/NOKWbJy.jpg)
  3. Every chapter in Eclipse turns out to be a Lebron James moment, before Lebron actually shoots the ball, huehue.
  4. Meh, nothing really to say but good luck lol.
  5. > ![](http://i.imgur.com/ryNhNpy.png) 2GB actually, noobs lol. It's my CPU that's the problem; 1.8ghz.
  6. True, I really don't like losing items on death, I'd rather there be k/d stat keeping, with the option to reset them with in-game currencies or otherwise. There is many ways to sell without making a game pay2win though, all about giving the players the illusion that they're getting something worth. Time is harder to obtain than money, and if a player can't spend the time and if they really want something in your game, then they'll spend the money.
  7. A strategy to selling in-game items that aren't cosmetic is to sell bulk items that are "more time consuming" to get in the game. So in essence it can be choiced whether a player wants to spend the time, or the money. From the very little that I play, I feel this has been for quite some time. Need gold? Buy a bulk of that shit. Need 500 rabbit fur for that legendary rabbit suit? Buy a bulk of that shit!
  8. Yes that spot is correct. You'd put another conditional check for the Random Variable after the 'Else' of the Variable conditional. I'd like to think you'd just use 'Begin Quest' or 'End Quest' event commands, instead of conditional checking a quest, I might be wrong though… I'm not that fluent with the event system. Dungeon Master knows more about quest eventing than I do... :P
  9. I said forget about the codes, follow the image… I edited the above post, check it.
  10. Okay…. Here's mine: [attachment=1472:Picture 28.jpg] Luls, mainly spaghetti.
  11. 1\. Type /editmap in your game. 2\. Click 'Event' inside your map editor. 3\. Click on a tile in your map. 4\. Use the event editor; Like this below. ![](http://i.imgur.com/JdAQ9ke.png)
  12. Yes because re-caching uses the For Loop iteration. So even a small change on an item or something will re-init the re-caching process.
  13. So in actuality, this may be better to be added for games that are already well-built in content, rather than games just starting out. :) Because once all the data is cached at server startup, it won't eat any more CPU (unless content was changed/added).
  14. @[member="Marsh"] All of the data gets cached before it gets compressed and sent, so there shouldn't be no small packets. @J. Black whenever an item/npc - etc; gets changed and saved from the client editors, it sends the changed data to the server to be saved, on the server end, it saves the data and then it calls for an entire re-cache to include the changes. This con can be primarily due to server spikes when *constantly* messing around with client editors, as it re-iterates 'For Loops' whenever something is saved/changed. ``` Public Sub ItemsCache_Create() Dim Buffer As clsBuffer, itemnum As Long Dim ItemSize As Long Dim ItemData() As Byte Set Buffer = New clsBuffer For itemnum = 1 To MAX_ITEMS 'Re-iteration everytime an item is saved… If Len(Trim$(Item(itemnum).Name)) > 0 Then 'Should not send null/empty data. ItemSize = LenB(Item(itemnum)) ReDim ItemData(ItemSize - 1) CopyMemory ItemData(0), ByVal VarPtr(Item(itemnum)), ItemSize Buffer.WriteLong itemnum Buffer.WriteBytes ItemData End If Next Buffer.CompressBuffer AllItemsCache.Data = Buffer.ToArray 'Buffers entire cache for its packet sending. Set Buffer = Nothing End Sub ``` I'll follow up and say when you have constants like this: ``` Public Const MAX_ITEMS = 2000 Public Const MAX_NPCS = 1000 Public Const MAX_ANIMATIONS = 500 Public Const MAX_QUESTS = 1000 Public Const MAX_SPELLS = 255 Public Const MAX_BOOKS = 255 Public Const MAX_SHOPS = 255 Public Const MAX_RESOURCES = 255 ``` And a Sub JoinGame(index) doing this: ``` SendItems index SendNpcs index SendAnimations index SendQuests index SendSpells index SendBooks index SendShops index ``` And if all or alot of this data is used up (primarily speaking for long term games, such as Ambardia was....) You'd be sending upto... **5520 individual packets…** Caching and compressing turns 5520 individual packets, into 7 packets.
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