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  1. So what should I add to this? I feel like im missing something. Also feedback would be nice :) > MySpace has many features to communicate with friends, current or forgotten. It was originally designed to be used as a “friend search engine.” If you have lost contact with a friend over many years, you were able to go onto MySpace and search for them. If that person had an account you two could reconnect with each other. But it has been fading into just another “online hang out place” to communicate with anyone, which has also raised the concern of parents. They are protecting their kids from predators, but MySpace has this ability too. MySpace has a bad reputation because of the way it can be used. One thing that not many people know about is all the security features MySpace has. This online community doesn’t need its “unsafe reputation.” MySpace doesn’t deserve this reputation; some of its users do instead. > > There is a whole entire section on MySpace devoted to security and privacy of its users. One of the famous security options is to set a profile to private, meaning only the people you have added, or accepted, as a friend can view it. With another feature, users can’t just send a friend request; they may have to know your email or last name. This feature is optional but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use it. > > In order for people to find you they need a name or email. When you register an account you’re suppose to enter your full real name, this information is only used for the search option for your friends to find you. This goes for your Zip Code too; it is only used for searching capabilities. Location is different how ever, it is shown, but a lot of people don’t put their actual location. So just make a place up, people get a kick out of the places where people “live.” > > One drawback is the ability for a person to send a message to someone that isn’t even on their friends list. But this is just like emailing, and almost everyone I know has an email, but not a MySpace. If someone you don’t know sends you an email, you can simply delete it or block that person. However, there may be ways for them to continue messaging you. If problems continue then you can report anyone by using the reporting feature, located on almost everyone’s profile (some of the profiles have them hidden). You can also block people on your friends list and delete them from your friends list. > > A major problem parents have is the fact that they can’t read the messages their kids are sending to friends. Parents have a couple options on how to read these messages. One of these options is for the parents to get a MySpace account and add their kids to their friends list, so that they can read the comments and look over their profile. Another option is for parents to monitor their kids’ use of MySpace. This can be done by parents simply watching their kids go on it or by getting login information and access the account completely. > > Another issue parents have with MySpace is their kids can put pictures of anything on their profile. A way to look at this is: If somebody sees a kid on the street they can stalk them. But on the internet, if a profile is set to private, all they can do is see the users default photo, which is the photo that is shown wherever your display name is shown, of that person. They can’t get any information about you if you use MySpace safely. Users can even set their photos (but not their default photo) to “Friends Only” so that only a user’s friends can view their profile. > > Ads are a major problem, for many reasons. They can contain inappropriate content or hidden viruses. But the people running MySpace are very careful about what ads they show on the pages of MySpace. Parents can educate their kids that ads mostly lead to trouble. There are also “Ad Blockers” available all over the internet, try searching Download.com for some high rated ad blockers. > > There are “Black Hackers” allover the internet, “Black Hackers” hack for non-beneficial reasons. There are very few, if any, “White Hackers” on MySpace, which are people the warn users that they are open to hacking. Black Hackers will log into any open account they find and post inappropriate content or viruses using your account. The ways to prevent this from happening is by creating a unique password, changing it often, and only enter your login information on MySpace. > > From the information above there are many ways to keep you safe from predators and other online issues. If, parents, are still concerned about your kids safety then you could make a test account and do a run through and see how many “creeps” actually want to befriend you. If a predator bugs you on the test account try getting rid of them to help you decide if MySpace is safe enough for your kids. I hope this article gave out useful information about how to use MySpace safely. Bump ?
  2. *Move, if in wrong board* I have created the very basic of the program. So I am asking someone to write the codes. You will get full credits, except the general design. I tried coding it but it was difficult. I may spend more time on it a little later. So if you are willing to code this, that would be awesome.
  3. sir zach

    Which tileset?

    Which tileset matches my custom sprites better? The one with two trees is #2 :) so 1 or 2?
  4. sir zach

    Fine then.

    No one is on at 1:30 (my time) in the morning… on a school night :(
  5. I just setup apache on a server and was wondering if people could view the homepage. The guide recommemded that I don't check it on my home network. http://vhutoria.homeip.net/ Please and Thank You :) It should say "It works!" if it does :P
  6. Just about everyday I see people joining and almost immediately looking for staff/crew. I think that if you want to make a game you should learn how to make a game on your own first. Learn the engine, how to code some stuff, and be able to make decent graphics. I made a mistake of releasing my game before I made my own graphics, so I had to keep changing the game around because I kept changing my mind on the graphics. I finally, just recently actually, got the base graphics down. I closed the release of my game until it is playable and enjoyable. So before people look for a crew to make a game, learn the engine yourself. If you know coding then the people you recruit (later on) won't just BS their way into being staff. If you don't know coding people can easily get you excited about being on your staff… But what if you don't know coding? Then how would you know they know it as well? Just learn the basics, it's not that hard I learned in a couple days. Another thing you should do is learn how to make decent graphics. Players get bored of the same graphics in a lot of games. People are starting to make custom graphics for their games. If you are looking for graphic designers then you have a wide variety of graphics because of all the different graphic designers. So if you learn to make some graphics on your own, then you may find it fun and won't have a variety of different graphics. By "variety" I mean different styles of shading, different paperdoll alignments, etc. I think if you don't know how to make decent graphics you don't have what it takes to make a game. Learn how to use the engine. If you don't know how to use the engine before recruiting staff then you don't know if it meets your requirements (I'm not saying Eclipse is a bad engine). Also, you shouldn't be making a game if you don't know how to use an ENGINE. I wrote this hoping to cut down on the games that get started then end quickly because of "mean" criticism. I have a crew of 2 people, Me and my neighbor. Since we both have time on our hands, we have the time to learn new things like using the engine, coding, and graphic design. We are learning a lot and it will most likely help our game by knowing what we are doing. Also, if you don't know how to do these three things and recruit staff, IT'S NOT YOUR GAME, it's the people, who you recruited, game because you don't know how to do the basics and they would be doing most of the work. (I didn't know where to post this, sorry)
  7. I know I have started this thread before but for some reason the last one wasnt working (part of page 2 is missing). So I started a new one. Here is a new update… Look at the last item, My neighbor drew it and I modified it. [http://quizzel.freepgs.com/Items.png](http://quizzel.freepgs.com/Items.png)
  8. Just like ScriptedTile, have an OnAttack Attribute. Not the sub, like if u attack a certain tile then it selects the Case in a sub and runs the script. Not hard i hope?
  9. I know there has been many of these but. Why is it only showing up on ONE computer. I completely wiped out the comp and reinstalled windows onto it. And it happened again. Side Note: I also wiped it out because it needed it, really slow.
  10. I made some items for my game. Most of them are paperdolled (starting at 1). Please rate them #/10 Thanks
  11. I do not have the capabilities of changing the source so… Is there any way to change the Sprite Animation Sequence? Because the sprites walk and stand funny. Like they only move one leg at time. This would be a nice fix-up for 2.6 or sooner also...
  12. Are there any free programs that allow you to change the source?
  13. So i just realized that my IP (not 192…. the one that works lol) changes every so often. So i thought... well why cant the program read what the IP has to be from an online .txt file? This way if it does change the users dont have to edit the IP Configurations.
  14. I *think* i have successfully port forwarded… All of the online port checkers said I have but I want to be 100 percent sure. So if someone could please use my ip and port to see that would be GREAT. IP: Port: 4001 Thanks (I think you may just be able to type them into your current client... not sure thought. If you could make sure to save your current IP on your client.)
  15. I have made two ad banners for my game… and i want to know which one is better.. so please tell me ![](http://quizzel.freepgs.com/tlk/468x60_1.gif) ![](http://quizzel.freepgs.com/tlk/468x60_2.gif) These are ones that I dont want to use anymore for advertising… but you can look at them still [http://quizzel.freepgs.com/tlk/banner2.gif](http://quizzel.freepgs.com/tlk/banner2.gif) [http://quizzel.freepgs.com/tlk/BANNER.gif](http://quizzel.freepgs.com/tlk/BANNER.gif) (sorry if this is in the wrong section… please move if it is)
  16. Its kinda small. I might make it a lil bigger… But please tell me what can be changed. I want my world to be at its fullest! ![](http://quizzel.freepgs.com/tlk/world_map.gif)
  17. I wish i may… i wish i might... I wouldn't mind seeing a way to change the game icon tonight... Like its alway the EE Icon and it doesnt fit most of the game out there, if any. Also sometimes it doesnt show up on the taskbar or titlebar etc... ****I just had to make the first three lines rhyme xD sry... lol
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