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  1. sir zach

    Some slym art.

    You are alive! Nice work =] I like how you have a ruler for correct proportions.
  2. dude no way! My name is my website too… add me. I'll be on tomorrow most likely... "zajohnsondotcom" no caps.
  3. That's where I got the font lol
  4. I can't remember what font I used for this logo… Anyone know the font?
  5. That's a good temporary fix :)
  6. I can ping it now… But its still not showing up in the network on win7... it is in the DHCP Client Table though New twist: I can see the win7 shared files on the home-server...
  7. It changed the home-server to 104… win7 stayed the same. Home-server won't show up on Win7 now... It might in a few minutes though.
  8. Win7: I deleted the home-server from the DHCP client table hoping it would give itself a new one… but it didn't show up after that. I used the internet and everything on the server.
  9. Here is what my DHCP Client Table looks like (Linksys): Zachs-iPod 00:25:00:ae:5b:1f 23:44:58 renees-laptop 00:c0:a8:cf:6c:7f 23:05:39 your-0cdc4f5844 00:14:a5:bf:e2:76 23:03:47 home-server 00:0d:88:58:46:0a 23:03:43 That's weird… My laptop with Win7 is missing...
  10. Its ok. And no, the Server computer (thats what its gonna be used for once this works) does not show up on any computers except win7 laptop.
  11. The MCE has shared files enabled and visible on itself and I also have an external HDD being shared.
  12. Yes, all that is correct, except the last statement. Let me revise what you said lol "… you want to access the files on your MCE XP from your laptop that has windows 7\. You can see your MCE in network neighborhood in Win7, **but when you click on it the win7 says it can't find the computer**"
  13. How would I do that? Here is the error I get when I double click the computer in "My Network"
  14. Its professional edition (obviously cause MCE is pro)… I'm able to access any other XP computer in the house from Windows 7, some are MCE and others are Home.
  15. Same workgroup, yes. I didn't windows XP had a homegroup feature… I'll look now
  16. I have a desktop computer running Windows XP Media Center Edition SP3… The computer will show up on my laptop running Windows 7, but I can not access the shared files and etc. All the other computers in the house (running XP) do not show the desktop. Anyone know how to allow access to this computer and have it show up? I have firewall turned on but all the exceptions are on, simple file sharing is on, it's connected to the internet... any other ideas of what I need to do?
  17. You spelled your name wrong… :P
  18. sir zach


    Whoa… where is 2.8? I haven't seen a thing about it lol
  19. It doesn't have boobs. It's a male.
  20. Yeah, go ahead :) No credits necessary :)
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