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  1. ![](http://www.pricemyname.net/notexistant.jpg) Yeah but you can always change it…
  2. NotExistant

    @ Questions

    The problem is its trying to play a sound file that apparently isn't there…
  3. I could tell you were to get it for free pm me :P not going to post here because I would get in trouble.
  4. @Seba: > Haha If You happen to have a hand free if you catch my drift :P How did you manage to set that up :P I've heard of remote desktop(I use it) but never something like that.
  5. They must have really not wanted you to change your host. :P
  6. well i went to go to this website (touchofdeathproductions.com) and forgot about the productions part it forwarded me to a porn site >.>
  7. Do it it's fun :) port 80 is the default HTTP port thus by forwarding that port to you computer anyone else on your network won't be able to access the internet.
  8. @Simius: > look for dispMode in the source (in the direct x initialization sub), I think an optional parameter will change the screen resolution. If the resolution is 800x600, the game is full screen. I cant fine it :(.
  9. I was working on a way to allow the player to optionally play in fullscreen mode it works fine and all but when it maximizes the window you cant see the game anymore it turns gray. If anyone could tell me why or tell me how to make it change the windows resolution to 800x600 while the game is running so that I don't have to tweak all the sizes based on the width of the form that would be awesome :).
  10. i made this along time ago when i was using elysium but i didn't like the engine when it came down to it so… i never used it anyway tell me what you think oh and you may notice the credits section is missing thats because i had plans on making a flash of the credits ^^ not trying to deny people credit or anything ![](http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/8130/showoffmainhc3.gif) hmm for some reason that one ended up looking really bad when i uploaded it… heres a better one ![](http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/2580/guimainzb4.jpg)
  11. NotExistant


    when will a source of EE be released and when do you guys have a major release planned?
  12. why has my avatar become
  13. ::) ^-^ ::) ![](http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/3011/errorzq0.jpg)
  14. i was out looking for an engine similar to the old konfuze today and found this… TE is nice and all i really like the 64x64 sprites, but... why do their heads come off before they hit the top of the screen as if people arnt going to see that... and no scrolling maps... *sigh* what have you guys done... oh and does anyone know how to get vb6 to work on vista if i open up the project file i get a slew of errors same with any vb6 project ill check out the "Advanced" version mabye some good updates mabye alot of bugs :P
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