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  1. nothing new changed since i have been off? o-o still dont see the newer gui added.. -Sigh- well hope to see more here soon,,
  2. np, -yawns- wish people would look at the info right in frount of them… look at the text drawing lines already in use and track down the real font info orrr look in the client and they find a folder called fonts. lol
  3. still having a basic copy out so people can see you have it working with that people will know the project is going somewhere. from there you can take ur time editing it. but thats my way to look at it.
  4. maybe posting a working copy as a zip download till you fix the github things problem.
  5. i just tried ur download to see wat was up >.> its missing folders and crashs… and now ur download was up dated with alot more missing files... O.o ... you might wanna check it.
  6. nice work, my only input is that you make sure the basics are clean before adding features might be slower process but in the long run will be helpful. why did you choose sfml if i might ask??
  7. ….cyrillic as in the writing? with the DX8 engine ur not using a font file.... its a dat file and a texture. even tho its possable to use it. i remember growlith was toying with it once but thats months ago. anyways if you want a special script you need to get a texture and data file made for it and inputed like i said before ... like lots of posts. >.>
  8. look at mirage when it first came out do you really think it wasnt complex to figure out? they did it freely and so have all the others that edited it. only thing people lack is the will to get the job done, you get nothing from nothing. to get something you gotta put the work. so now we got programmers on the pile but still nothing changes no one wants to change. its about time the wind blows,
  9. its not the convertion thats the problem its people just give up. i tested his server it did work so its not like he wasnt able, its called ,(idk , giveup!) >|
  10. at the font problem above in DX8 engines thats the wrong code. ``` Private Type CustomFont HeaderInfo As VFH Texture As DX8TextureRec RowPitch As Integer RowFactor As Single ColFactor As Single CharHeight As Byte End Type Public Font_Default As CustomFont Public Font_Georgia As CustomFont ``` anyways those are the 2 font textures, DX8 way we did it is using textures and not font files so either u got the texture for a new font and its data file or ur stuck.
  11. think hes trying to say it wont run or its erroring, @Thecrown: y dont u tell us which code u tried to add?(the topic you got it from, as it might not be useable.)
  12. >.> yup i saw it coming day we use 3d to make our buildings to look better! good job. i think the cloths tho need work.sprite is nicely done ! @ closed minded ppl: >.> ! see tall sprites arnt bad!
  13. DMF

    CRC32 Updater

    Abhi heres a input, y not make ur own usercontrol this way it be less depended on a dll setup, or code the look of it like how the hp/ sp bars work. : )
  14. currently im condensing it down further to allow expanding off of. o-o
  15. this setup dont seem supported either and this comp isnt old. so idk
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