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  1. @Soul: > (It's yearning and there's no such thing as spelt, it's spelled.) It's actually acceptable either way depending on region.
  2. munro


    You missed the part where our Prime Minister is against this and plans to not let it happen.
  3. Why are people complaining, we need this. Population is going up and food resources are going down. This will be very valuable years from now.
  4. munro


    Don't install MSDN. It's only documentation, you don't need it.
  5. It's a leftover from an April Fool's joke that never went away.
  6. -You repeat for way to long, even for this type of music. You play the same beats for almost a minute before it makes any significant changes and this makes it boring. Try practicing with more compressed, shorter songs. -Kinda related to the first point, your build-up is too long by the time it gets to the drop I'm bored. Also the first second or two of the drop is good, specifically when the voice plays. Then it turns into this annoying siren which doesn't sound good at all. It's not danceable, it's not catchy, its just an irritating sound compared to the rest of the song. Put something else in it's place. -The piano is misplaced. It goes from dance/rave/house to creepy piano that should be in a horror movie or something. You do it again with creepy xylophone music. This is not suited for clubs at all. I can't imaging any dance that would go with this. In short, your beats make no sense. Who in a club would want to dance to a song that sounds like a random composition of noise containing no rhythm. Keep trying because you make some good sounds, you just need to work on mixing them.
  7. All you did was display the website, it really doesn't do anything. Someone could accomplish the same thing by bookmarking this website. Problem number one is it's in the App-store guidelines that anything emulating Safari with no other purpose will be turned down. So this probably won't make it. Problem two is the fact that it looks terrible, you could have the best app in the world but if it looks bad Apple will turn it down but I'm sure you realized this already. Problem three is the ad, but you already mentioned this. In short: too many issues for something almost guaranteed to be denied, not worth it
  8. munro

    You Laugh You Lose

    ![](http://I.cubeupload.com/amL3vk.gif) ![](http://i.imgur.com/bHrin.jpg)
  9. @JS1: > Release stuff on Cydia, y'all. > > -JS1 Spend $100, and more then that in time, just to release something to a community of douche pirates? No thanks.
  10. I recently got a mac with the intentions of developing apps. A forum app, depending on what you guys mean, would be fairly simple. The problem is motivation, what's the point. Most likely it wouldn't be worth all the effort for 2-3 people to use it.
  11. munro


    Here's the link to it if you actually want it that bad: http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/smf/index.php/topic,67683.0.html
  12. munro


    @Roberto: > None. I was gonna say that but I thought it was too mean. EE is still here if you want to use it, I don't see what is stopping you. Maybe you decided to complain before actually looking. We just don't suggest it because…well...it's a mess. EO is much cleaner and newb-friendly, while it doesn't include scripting, it helps promote people actually making their own features instead of coping from the scripting board. Warning - while you were typing a new reply has been posted. You may wish to review your post.
  13. munro

    You Laugh You Lose

    Not funny, more awesome. ![](http://i.imgur.com/6edYs.png)
  14. Jonathan Harbour writes good resources on game programming, I have the third edition of that book and it's a fairly good resource. My only recommendation is don't run in thinking the book holds your hand, while it is meant for beginners is does assume you're comfortable with C++ and spends no time explaining anything other then simple Windows API and Directx.
  15. Err I wouldn't recommend either of those piercings, guys with lip piercings tend to get called gay…etc. Also Septum piercings just look kinda stupid.
  16. Anyone play it yet? I was playing earlier today.
  17. Eh 10 days is a long time, and I'm not paying more than $5. If I change my mind then I'll just withdraw my bid, If someone outbids me then oh well.
  18. I'll bid $5 I guess, I don't see this going too far though.
  19. ![](http://i699.photobucket.com/albums/vv360/russell32896/IMG00296.jpg) Whats so fail about this? I have one they are actually pretty sweet. Makes it way easier to rip a banana also it keeps them out of the way.
  20. munro

    What happened?

    Robin is a guy…
  21. What the hell are you talking about?
  22. Its good, I enjoyed reading it but it seemed to have almost exactly the same intro as Zombieland.
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