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  1. Ooooo I used to play this! ![](http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/1717/rsstatst.png) That's my account, although my 12 yr old cousin uses it now.
  2. The Camera Man was high, We are only seeing what he was seeing >.>
  3. Haha :P Nicely done mate ;) It didn't finish the story though, So i'm not sure Renzo could relate to it :P
  4. You need to port forward… the Server won't tell you your IP that you have to use to connect...
  5. @Zetta: > btw disputing proven statements is pointless. Hence why i moved it to chit chat.
  6. This isn't really a debate, i'm moving it to chit chat.
  7. Yes its the quality, being high quality, the files are usually huge.
  8. Soljah


    @blueman7017: > does anyone know what te hell this guy is saying And anyone that Noticed he reached 1k posts, and gained a purple member name :P
  9. Have you edited the quests in the .ini files? "Edit the info in the file scripts/mapextras/ MAPNUMBER .ini Only one quest per map." Also, make sure you've added the necessary files to your server, as mentioned in the OP of Barons Quest topic.
  10. Can you post a link to your entire Main.txt, I can't seam to see anything wrong with it from what you have posted…
  11. Soljah

    PLz help

    First of all, you must have permission from the Creator of the graphics, and the game that the graphics are dedicated to. If you are permitted to use them, you must follow the Terms and Conditions upon use; such as Crediting them. If they allow you to use them, you will also have to edit them for Eclipse format, if they aren't already from a Mirage-Based game.
  12. Yep, that's exactly right :P Although its more specific to the upper left pixel (1x1) color that is the transparent color for the entire sheet/s. (tilesets included)
  13. Are you setting the NPC to scripted? With the right Case…
  14. @Bone: > I guess that's the jist of it lol :P Cutting sick over of sayings aye?
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