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  1. Aw cmon mannnn. you didn't read the one single line under the animated picture?? haha
  2. Yes there's a way in 2.7\. I already gave a hint. Mess with the numbers in the subs bltPlayer and bltPlayerTop
  3. ![](http://s5.tinypic.com/2q88vfl.jpg) ahah. Keep in mind all the tiles are going to change too.
  4. I realize they're not bald, but with all that hair, paperdolling helmets will be a pain.
  5. Alright I can try to add a bit more. Maybe really short buzz hair isntead of shiny bald. something. Btw, it will get resized a bit because I need to make it into like, proportionate to 96x64.
  6. If i make it smaller I'll have to redo the whole head cus shrinking it will mess up the pixels =(
  7. http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=38853.0 Feel free to use my custom tiles. But include my stipulation that credit be given to PointerFinger Productions if the tiles are used.
  8. No problem. Like I said, this is a lot of custom graphics not to use…. lol.
  9. Hippo it's in the archive I posted in resources.
  10. Oh I will. I'ma do Tyr's tomorrow probably. Last week/weekend got busy fast. Btw, when my sprites are like this… it's a lot easier to make the walk animations =)
  11. Yeah without the crease they would look too young and it would be too plain. I love this style cus it matches the way I hand draw =)
  12. well Tyr, you missed it, I released all Vikings graphics. I'm making a new style. The game will be full screen and fully tiled so the sprites are gonna fit.
  13. ![](http://img261.imageshack.us/img261/5100/newspriteqn9.png) ![](http://s5.tinypic.com/2q88vfl.jpg)
  14. planning on being more cartoony i suppose
  15. haha can't wait to see what item i get. make it like a … sword that's like a big cartoon glove with the pointer finger sticking out =)
  16. ~~ok, so i'm redoing vikings with a whole new style and I won't be needing thes graphics and it'd be a shame to see them go to waste sooo… you can use these tiles for free BUT!!! you MUST give credit to PointerFinger Productions. If you don't, you will suffer dire consequences!! *scary face* but seriously, give credit to PointerFinger Productions if you use any piece of this.~~ Tyr talked me out of switching graphic styles, I have over 800 thousand custom pixels in tiles and that's not even including the armor. So I don't want to change anymore. Anyone that already got the resources, you can keep em but you still have to give credit to PointerFinger Productions and you can not share the tiles with anyone.
  17. zade_o


    Umm… only think i can think of is make a global boolean variable and when the player is getting attacked set the variable to true and when it's done getting attacked set it to false. then in bltplayerbar, do an if statement before drawing the bar
  18. No. But when my instincts tell me something, I speak my mind. Lmao. dragon I think it's time you show your "forum thread" because I doubt you did this and they stole it if they haven't updated their site since April 2006.
  19. his "work"…. scroll down to the iso tiles. He use their image and said it was his. It's not in their "latest resources" sooo i'd say not. Plus the last time material was added, according to the website was: New Material added, April 7, 2006
  20. um wow. anyone try just using the image link? it's a RMXP resource…. look at: http://www.teamanti.com/rmxp/ full link: http://www.teamanti.com/rmxp/isotown.png I'm not stupid. I can't be fooled.
  21. I don't have any proof. I just refuse to believe it considering he has no GFX showoff posts. He says this is his first iso attempt which is even harder than 2d, and his game uses RMXP tiles…. I just find it hard to believe he made something this outstanding out of nowhere. I guess I'll waste a few minutes to look.
  22. Somehow I get the feeling you didn't actually make these. I've never seen any pixel work from you before. Hopefully you really did make these and if you did, great job. very nice.
  23. Yes well I mean maple story sized sprites. and my bad. Now I finally have the full answer to that sprite size thing from 3.0\. Thanks Nova.
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