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  1. @Marsh: > Damn sweet game, though im not sure if I ever actually had a legal copy of it. So no online for me :( Have you considered Hamachi? Despite what it's used for around here, it's an excellent sort of "emulator" for a LAN. All someone would have to do is give out a Hamachi address, then we could connect to any local multiplayer games they hosted, without needing authentication from Battle.net.
  2. @Skell: > @Aksel: > > > How did you get that quarter of a brick in there? > > 1 brick = 1 kg and half a brick, now half a brick must be half what a brick is, so it will be half of 1 kg and half of half a brick and so the loop begins as you will then half the half of the half brick to find out what half of a half brick is. Aye, and that's where you use Calculus to determine what that infinite recursion equals. That's what Zeta did on the first page. It's 2. Or, stop overcomplicating it and just subtract half a brick from both sides and you find that half a brick equals one kilogram, and it's simple from there.
  3. @Zetta: > everyone, STOP DUCKING TRYING TO SOLVE IT. He had already solved it correctly in the first post… @Lith: > **How much does a brick and a half weigh?** @Lith: > **a brick and a half is 3kg** Both the Calculus way and the Algebra way are acceptable. Geometry tiemz? ;D
  4. balliztik1

    [EO] Shop

    I checked in 1.1.0 just a moment ago and it looks like it was the same. ;O
  5. balliztik1

    [EO] Shop

    @Ballie: > @[PIE: > > > Dr. Aken link=topic=57637.msg645376#msg645376 date=1275783969] > > BUG > > > > Only items in the top roll of the shop can be bought. > > It's more than that. The IsShopItem function is using the wrong value for .Top. Find this: > > ``` > .Top = ShopTop > ``` > And change to this: > > ``` > .Top = ShopTop + ((ShopOffsetY + 32) * ((I - 1) \ ShopColumns)) > ``` > Additionally, you might want to change ShopColumns to 6 in modConstants. Six per row fits perfectly whereas five leaves a large gap.
  6. …He doesn't say not to talk about sex. I just said that. He said that it is merely a chat, not some porn invitation. Sex and porn are two completely different things.
  7. He never said that. All he said was "This is not a "chat in" to become involved in any form of pornographic involvement." Talking to a sex worker and becoming involved in that world are two completely different things. There's no contradiction.
  8. Ditch the water. Look at a real forest. Any self-respecting forest is mostly trees. Keep at least some paths walkable, but cover the map in trees.
  9. Move is a VB6 keyword, for one. You'll likely not be able to use it. Since it's a subscript out of range, I venture to say your Move() array isn't dimmed high enough.
  10. Errr, no. You won't be able to check that. Just remove all the HP restore parts and code that manually by script if you want, or better yet, just do the number randomization thing right there in the AttackPlayer sub.
  11. Never played Majora's Mask, but sounds very nice. ;D It's a lot like Hyrule Field, isn't it? ;o Edit: No, that's completely wrong. The intro bit is like Hyrule Field from OoT, but then it's a lot like LttP's overworld theme. =D
  12. Just search for the sub names from the script files in the source code. I believe that would be OnPlayerPK or OnPlayerArenaKill or something. It's been ages since I've even opened up a script file. xD
  13. Yes, the worm will burrow and reappear while fighting, so it's not just the typical stand-and-fight style you're used to in Eclipse games. Most of the other bosses will have unique code too, so some strategy is required in almost every dungeon. The giant spider you see above will have special attacks and defense as well, though we'll hold off on the details. That's for you guys to find out later. Of note, there will be more than just strategic fights. Dungeons will also require puzzle solving, teamwork in certain areas, and even some time-based events. :azn:
  14. Server, of course. Client = displays, Server = anything to do with any data.
  15. No, not possible. This would require a source edit. The OnDeath sub runs after declaring a player "dead", so there will still be a global message saying the player dies, plus their health, MP, and SP will be restored, not to mention that the other player will already gain PK status and EXP if this is PVP. In short, yeah, you could stop them from warping away, but that's only one of like 8 death effects that trigger. All the rest are hardcoded. Oh, and also, OnDeath runs in 2 or 3 other places besides just being killed. If an admin or the server host kills a player for whatever reason, this might trigger a boost in stats, which would be counterproductive to the original intent.
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