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  1. Hi everyone! Who here actually remembers me?
  2. On a side note, if you're using C++, you might want to set your headers as .hpp instead of .h; the latter is designed for C.
  3. Oh look who finally crawled out of his TARDIS! Dude, start getting on MSN again!
  4. [*cough*I would*cough*](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/smf/index.php/topic,36901.0.html)
  5. VB6 or ~~FORTRAN77~~ Microsoft OO-COBOL.net.
  6. @Zonova: > They had typewriters but most people don't type very quickly on those because clicking two keys at the same time jams the keys. And clicking two keys at the same time on a computer keyboard makes them come out in an unpredictable order. Seriously, I've typed quickly on an old typewriter before, as long as it's well oiled and not rusted out, it only jams if you're banging aimlessly on it.
  7. @S.J.R.: > It depends on whether a given abbreviation consists purely out of pronounceable syllables or not. In case they do, you may pronounce them like an actual word. In case they don't, you ought to pronounce each letter individually. Therefore G.U.I. should be pronounced gee - you - aye rather than gooey (since the English language doesn't know the proper sound for the ui-digraph, as in languages where that digraph is known, the sound used in "gooey" is totally off). > > Yours faithfully > S.J.R. van Schaik. Now you must go on vocaroo and give us the correct way of saying it!
  8. >212 wpm I am okay with this. @Jungle: > -snip- SIR, I believe you mean this: ![](http://i.imgur.com/loSPe.jpg)
  9. I think what Stephan is trying to explain, is that there's no point in encrypting your graphic files because: 1) They will just be decrypted easily by the same method the client uses anyway. 2) They are still able to be ripped after being decrypted by the client. The purpose of encrypting something is to prevent somebody from accessing it. You're not exactly using it for that method, since you still want the user to access your files anyway. All you're doing, is wasting resources to encrypt, then decrypt, a file, with the warped idea of hiding it from the very same person you're about to show it to – if that makes any sense.
  10. Oh trust me, there's a prank today, quite an obvious one. And when you see it….. .....you'll shit brix
  11. http://www.two.drawball.com/
  12. Admiral Refuge


    Happy birthday mate! And to think, in 20 more years you'll have lived half of your life already.
  13. Haven't clicked the link, but there's been a few nonvirus cures for cancer as well in the past. Heck, the cyanide in plumbs and appleseeds has been known to cure it for awhile. You won't find these in most western cultures though, esp in the US, where the Medical Industrial Complex and special interest groups control medicine. It's like I said before; if cancer could be cured with a pill, what would become of that multimillion-dollar cancer radiation clinic they just built across the street from my house? Heck, what would become of the millionaires that run these "cancer awareness" donations?
  14. @Anna: > Is that a Glock, Anthony? Really? :P The glock is just there for scale, I'm not a fan of semiautomatics.
  15. I just bought a new revolver! Using my shotgun for scale. ![](http://i.imgur.com/x9XQb.jpg) ![](http://i.imgur.com/Wb4KB.jpg)
  16. @Chief: > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IAhDGYlpqY Can't watch the video, too early, but I read the title, so I have a decent idea what it's going to say. Fun Fact: Jesus spent his time yelling and cursing at the religious leaders, wanting nothing to do with them, while his best friends were thieves, sluts, and liars. I have a feeling if Jesus were here right now, he'd probably want nothing to do with these grand churches (unless it was to call them out on their hypocrisy), and just be out on the street in the inner-cities, in the prisons, and with the homeless.
  17. I saw this topic and thought Robin was getting married.
  18. Attention calvary, this is Rainbow One. Ready my longarm, I want a clear shot ready. Twilight Sparkle, I'll cover you, take this ducker out! ![](http://i.imgur.com/fPOuj.jpg)
  19. @Crispus: > I must sadly disappoint you, for me and my bitchmother are now in the forest of West-Germany, where we are legally protected from bronies. We are breeding happily further, and our cubs will AVENGE this outrage! I am saddened that it has to come to this, but there is no other war – we must burn the forest. Come in, Twilight Blaze, this is Rainbow One. Ignite, I repeat, IGNITE! ![](http://i.imgur.com/57nHn.png) ![](http://i.imgur.com/w5KFa.jpg)
  20. @Crispus: > AHA! I KNEW THAT YOU WERE A MEMBER OF THE BRONIE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. > But, as a real wolf, I shall take my bitchmother and bang her hard! COME WITH ME, WOMAN! WE SHALL MAKE BEAUTIFUL CUBS! You cannot come against us and succeed, we have the strongest ponies on our side. Attention, Pink Bliss, this is Rainbow One; bring rain the fire. ![](http://i.imgur.com/e7kZU.png)
  21. This is Rainbow One, moving in! Thread Occupation commencing. Weapons are ready, and we are go! ![](http://i.imgur.com/MFx1l.jpg)
  22. @Spork: > 250 pages of trolls on a christian website over the course of years? > > That would be a pretty elaborate troll. ITT: Spork gets trolled by elaborate troll site.
  23. @Jungle: > I checked my speed last night and was clocked at 8 WPM. My speed has been improving greatly since, but is still painfully slow. It is painfully slow at first. It's been about what, 4 days so far?
  24. On a positive note, an essay like that will probably help speed you up significantly.
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