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  1. Looks good. Only thing that really sticks out to me is the shadow on the right of the entrance of the building, its shadow isn't large enough.. actually could just be that it isn't showing on the ground and just the building. Otherwise. looking really nice. Even though I dislike naruto, I'll be giving it a try. Keep up the good work. You have samples of the movement animations? Going to be tough if you plan to have the characters actually move like ninjas.
  2. Animation can wait. As nook said, work on shading, figure out the proportions of the objects and work on making the shading show depth.
  3. Welcome. Was quite shocked to see anything along these lines when opening this topic. Be prepared to be bombarded with request for joining others projects and making people tilesets.
  4. I see these topics pop up a lot, each and every time I'd love to sit back and post a long list of suggestions and explinations on why such things should be done in order to increase the graphic quality of your work.(run-on?) Anyway, I'll say only a few things to not waste my time on something someone may not have any desire to read. From your name, and as kusy said; you appear to be a fan of manga/anime which tend to use absurd styled weapons. From that I cannot relate so I will skip over the item and go to critiquing the sprite. For any form of art you must know the basics of art as a whole. Proportion is a key factor. Before you get into all the work of giving him hair and a killer shirt. You want to make sure proportions are all correct, whether it be thickening the neck, sizing down the head, shortening the torso and lengthening the arms. After having a solid silhouette of a character you should work on the depth. Unless this is suppose to look like a paper cutout of a character you should show the top of his feet, shoulders, and head. If you wanna go crazy, even give a lil depth to the hands, but we'll save that for another time. From there you'll then start to consider your base skin tones, and the outfits you may dress. Remember as well arms and legs bend. Get back into it, hopefully one day you'll be on the level of guys like Fool, Snake, and indigo. Best of luck.
  5. I suggested using a different program. Gimp or PS, As for the style, its the same as your last. Maybe an elongated face, but otherwise I see no difference from your past drawings.
  6. @bud. You cant follow the show because you don't understand. The acting has nothing to do with it. You started half way in and expect to be aware without knowing the characters and watching all the relationships form. Like jumping into the second LOTR without knowing anything of the first one. Give it a go from episode 1, I'm sure you'll find more enjoyment in it. I'll for sure be watching.. as soon as I finish Walking Deads finale.
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddha's_hand
  8. Andriod ![;)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//wink.png)
  9. Show Off Section. Don't see it being large enough for its own section. Tag as [Creative Writting]
  10. IceCream Tuesday

    About pixels!

    Make them 16x16 then enlarge to 32x32.
  11. Its extremely fun to run around and play with the environment. Can't wait till more of the building features are implemented so that I may build a grand kingdom.
  12. Read through? I'm the older besides Spike.
  13. Amazing with the background music. lol
  14. Sorry Kusy My member group wasn't listed Member Since 28 Sep 2005
  15. Original rocks were better. Black outlines are not attractive.
  16. Will they return my account that was banned for false macroing charges?
  17. Selout http://pixel-zone.rpgdx.net/shtml/tut-selout.shtml
  18. I remember.. But I've never found funny. I grew up more on http://www.sickanimation.com/cartoons/a-norse-in-the-9th-ward/
  19. A few issues, Head is way off shape, Legs are thick as shit. Feet are huge. Breast are overly perky, make them droop a little. Lower part of her arm is to long. Work on sketching proper anatomy before you bother coloring and all. Also.. that's not camel toe.. its just lack of crotch and you putting two rounded off legs next to each other.
  20. Moved cause its not an Eclipse project.
  21. ![](http://i.imgur.com/xFmDiMY.png) Less highlights towards the bottom. As well as maybe making the bottom a little lighter.
  22. Can an account date option be added to poll setup? Where as topic creator can restrict accounts created after desired date from voting.
  23. > Reason? Because it looks like it? More so the old graphics for colonies. Though they are being changed.
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