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  1. Grayfox

    Eclipse Rap Battle

    Dude how the fuck did i miss this?!?! Nobody fucking told me and I'm pretty sure me marsh kender and a few others were the one fucking rapping on the shoutbox that started this
  2. "hello admin can you teach me how to make an npc and monster because its too booring with no monster and npc I have no problem error my files are clean just I dont know how to make npc and mob please teach me step by step Thanks in advance" -somekid Damn its been awhile since i've gotten one of these haha It's sent directly to me, i expected to see it to all the admins. Everytime i come back i dont recognize a goddamn name,get confused and leave again
  3. When after six fucking years, you still come back and bullshit with the homies
  4. WHat am i listening to? my parents having sex…. To minus the bear's pachuca sunrise!
  5. Grayfox

    Pax today

    Im going is anyone else going. If you are and i know you give me a call:
  6. @Sherlock: > We need a SSB with Eclipse members as characters. If there was a game like that my character would win every match. Just like normal smash :)
  7. ![](http://www.freewebs.com/kirbyscrib/Falco.jpg) ![](http://michyroo.tripod.com/fox.gif) ![](http://xc7.xanga.com/95dc967748535188416659/z144814227.jpg) Brawl sucked, but i would mind seeing star wolf SPACE ANIMALS!
  8. it doesnt have space animals so its pretty much fail
  9. @Mellowz: > It's why I haven't gotten any Eclipse releases out lately. I've been pounding the shit out of Robin in the bedroom. Yes finally we know why eclipse isnt coming out! FFS ive been waitin 4 years for the truth! This seriously is my favorite topic now though, especially thanks to mellowz wonderful insight. @mhedoos: > ye i'm 14 years old my birthday > i was born on 1995 december,lol and pete i'm also a realist xD your too young to be a realist
  10. This is by far the greatest post ive ever read on eclipse. This is awesome and Im so happy for both of you :)
  11. @shane91c: > I recall that name, but unfortunately that is all. > > OT: Before I "waste" time starting a new topic, is there any rule strictly forbidding posting a request for people to help with an ORPG project that is not based on Eclipse, but rather built from scratch using cross platform libraries (SDL, OpenGL and whatnot) and C++? Grayfox I remember you Also devin was fax for those of you who dont recognize the name. He used to host my website for a very long time… he hates me now :)
  12. @IceCream: > Either way.. dan is a nub. lol i still win :)
  13. @Jooshua6: > you think this is funny that is some messed up shit man! cause it is funny. I mean, it was a pretty fuckin ridiculous story. @Hippoman: > Greyfox stole his account and made this topic. Err by stole did you mean he gave me his account info when i told him i was going to do this…?
  14. I retract my earlier statement 1)drugs are good unless you like remembering things Then again i have barely logged on this entire year. Did you guys let sirken on…again.
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