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  1. Completely understandable, I just appreciate you even giving these things thought! Thanks again :) Love the idea though, sounds amazing.
  2. Is there a way that I can view which the commands are, or should I dig through source to find? :x And to 2 & 3 that's awesome, really happy to hear that. I'm working with my wife on this and she has a pretty expressive mind for these things. Trying to make a beautiful game with her so we're looking at more attack animations that function based on weapon (Bow, Sword, or Spell cast) , and these other features I mentioned. I'm happy to see you're active and appreciate the swift response. Thank you.
  3. I haven't seen a way to switch chats or anything like that , and I haven't been able to make my character sit, nor do I know if I can make my character do omni-directional. Are there ways to do this, or plans for these to be added in? There's already running which I really appreciate. Thanks for any response.
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